Late Nights

I think Thoreau and Walden have the same idea. They both have to do with nature, but they wanted to improve life and make changes. Throreau thinks we need to go through life simply if we let it be, and not realize. Walden thinks that we rely on ourselves, more than anyone and we should.

I think the main idea is do your own thing, go your own way. When you finally find a path that goes for you, you will just naturally fall into it. Life can be hard, but don’t be the one who makes it hard. If you live the same life as everyone else you will not be any different. We would all clash. Think about it, do you want a clone of yourself? You’ll have to compete against your clone with everything. We don’t want to go to the same college, same job, same everything as everyone else. Be yourself.

If you leave society to live in the woods, you will get cold. Or even heat exhaustion. And as long as you have food, you will be okay. It would be great to be alone in the woods. You can collect yourself and find a true sense of self and who you are. Get away from everyone. Make nature friends. It may be bad because you will get lonely. Being alone can also cause depression and other issues. I don’t think I could do it honestly. I’m too much of a people person.

I think they should take from transcendentalism that you really need to focus on yourself more than anything. Like know you have nature and the government, but do stuff for you


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