What a Time to be Alive

Transcendentalism is confusing. I don’t really understand the whole concept. I don’t like it anyways because it is too philosophical for me. I don’t even know if this is an actual word.

When I read the excerpts, I did not know what I was reading. Rereading it a second time was no help. I still don’t understand and never learned this is previous english classes. People are naturally evil I feel. If they did not have nature and God then they would just be weird and crazy. Without discipline, kids wouldn’t learn right from wrong. If your family doesn’t care about you as a child you will not follow rules as you get older. Without parents we won’t live a healthy life. We would just be bad people. Because of how we’re raised, we follow laws. For example, we follow the law of no drinking until you’re 21. You can’t drive without a permit or license at the age of 16.

Religion and moral beliefs have a great part in this. People believe Adam and Eve are where life started. They ate the apple when they weren’t supposed to. This is an act of evil. People steal, cheat, lie, murder, and etc. Some people go places to help save others, they are social workers, animal doctors, and good people. They are so good, because they are raised right. They start as evil people and are brought up to be better. Think about it, we are in our “terrible twos”, we don’t know anything as a baby, so we naturally act bad and are taught to be good.

Another part of transcendentalism is God. People follow religion which is believe by some, and that is what people live by.  Society and rules, and God bring us to be who we are as a whole. We go to church and read the bible. He is what started the Bible and why we follow religion.

Without God, Nature, and morals we would not be good people. Therefore, I believe we are naturally born evil. However, transcendentalism is not a real thing, so I do not think it even exsists


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