No Label II

My opinion of my topic has not changed overtime. Too much factual evidence shows more and more that police are racist when it comes to profiling.

The most interesting piece of the debate topic is just some of the stories I’ve read during research. Especially the story from Reddit Hudson. It is interesting because truthfully the woman had no right to pull him to the ground then stand him up herself knowing he can’t walk, and when Reddit tried to report it, his manager didn’t listen. She rather told him to get back to work. It should be interesting to others because it really showed me some people have no sympathy for others and don’t care about anyone unless it’s themselves. And that doesn’t even have to do with racism, just selflessness alone. Washington Post gave me this information. I couldn’t look more into it considering there was no name of a victim.

Emotional elements are definitely when police kill people of color. It activates sadness because who really likes death? It’d just something we don’t like at all, something sad. My debate topic is emotionally charged. I mean it’s about police racism and for some families whose loved ones were victims of this, definitely have a strong feeling about it.

Ethically this debate topic is important because it is plain wrong. Ethics enters the debate because some people think the victims deserve justice as far as the police getting their license taken. It is completely down-right wrong. No one should be able to put force or arrest someone just because they seem “suspicious” over something stupid. Having a “Just because…” is completely stupid. One ethical argument against it is police are just doing their job and the victims were guilty. PEople on the opposite side of the spectrum think police are wrong and it is illegal. They need to have reasonable cause to stop-and-frisk, arrest, and even kill someone.

Thhere isn’t a most important appeal to this topic. They’re all equally important in a different aspect, their own. The Most common used is ethos or pathos. Ethos, many argue police should be a cop. Some think they are doing the right thing. PAthos, people usually argue one one side and it’s against the racial profiling. Mainly because people don’t like discrimination by race especially.


The process of creating a valid argument, I learned it takes a lot of time and research. It will most likely make arguments easier to organize since we did this one the first time and know how to do it

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