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Long Live A$AP

My topic for  the debate is the pro of racism in police. I do and don’t agree with the topic so it is a little hard. I agree because in some instances the police go against a certain race or color when it comes to punishment when the same action could happen with a different race and they have no punishment. For example, a blue person ate all the pizza and now he is getting in trouble, but a yellow person ate all the pizza somewhere else and he has no punishment. I also don’t think this occurs because in some instances, people are more violent than others, but because of today’s society and everything is made into a racial issue and there are such things as the #blacklivesmatter and #alllivesmatter movements and so forth. Therefore, it may not be an actual racism by police issue. Before I even started research, I knew already this is a current issue. It mostly happens in bigger cities and you don’t see this as an issue in old ‘ol Pennsyltucky where you may see it a lot in New York. If you do a basic google search, things like “FGCU white racism class being guarded” and things about FGCU. A way I plan to logically address this topic is by listing off facts and statistics of instances. An ethical issue could be mentioned by someone who effected by this as far as a boyfriend or family member being a victim of the brutality. All different types of emotions can come into play when talking about a subject like this. For many people it is touchy and there is no yes or no answers or facts, it is all based on statistics. Some people may be mad, sad, annoyed, enraged, confused, etc because of how far this topic has come in society.

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Beach House 3

Bob Condotta in the coverage for Seattle Seahawks asked what the reason for the loss to the Rams by 36 points was? He also stated in other words Seattle has no hopes for playoffs. I would like to tell you they are wrong. The team is 8-6. If you don’t understand football and playoffs, don’t read it or argue with me. Okay no but basically…there’s 2 divisions. AFC and NFC. There’s 17 weeks of NFL. There is 32 teams in NFL. 16 AFC and 16 NFC. 6 teams each division go into playoffs. There’s 2 Z teams which have a bye week on both AFC and NFC. The 4 other teams play like 2 and 2. Then those games eliminate it so that then each of the Z teams play the winner of the other 2 games. Those games eliminate another person which then leads to championship. That is the final game before Super Bowl. Over break they played the Cowboys and won, making it 9-6. This past weekend they Cardinals 9-7. In order to make it to playoffs, the Falcons had to lose to the Panthers and the Seahawks had to win to the Cardinals. Maybe they didn’t win to the Rams, but it’s because they’re missing half of their d-line. Another thing is, the Seahawks have had a good team for a few years, so one year that’s rough you have to cut them slack. I believe they deserved to go to playoffs, bu they didn’t win the last week and another team that had to lose, won. All in all, the Seahawks didn’t make it,  but they should’ve went to playoffs

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