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Quality Control

Over the past 5 days, we had an experiment to test. We had to record each day the virtues we broke from Ben Franklin’s 13 virtues. We added our own 3 and took one away. One we took away was chastity because it just didn’t apply to us. We added independence, technology, and prioritize.

Prioritize was not broken this weekend. I was in New York and New Jersey with my family. We spent the whole weekend together. Resolution has been broken for a few months to be honest. My life isn’t at a very high point right now and there is a lot of rough patches so I have not really had time to resolve anything to better myself… Frugality was broken like 2 times. This weekend I bought meats and cheeses and bread at my favorite Italian deli. I also bought ramen noodles and snacks for my brothers and I at the hotel when we already had some. It wasn’t wasting money, but I didn’t keep the last couple of my fries at a restaurant so that broke frugality. Industry was broken a couple times. At the hotel, I could’ve been showering and I was on my phone. Also we went to the Palisades Parkway and Paramus Park malls. Both malls in which have more than one story and blow Columbia and Selinsgrove as well as all other PA malls out of the water. We wasted time just standing there doing nothing while we could’ve been in other stores. Order was broken when we were in the city. One of my friends and store owner Ernie Rossi wasn’t at his store. The tree was also unable to get near because the road was blocked off. Humility was weird. I didn’t do wrong, or maybe I did, but I apologized and shouldn’t have. Moderation was not broken. I was going to buy rings then realized I wanted them and didn’t need to wait in the long line when I could get the same ones on their website. Silence is always broken because I say how I feel. Cleanliness can not be broken because I refuse to allow myself to smell like fish. Justice was not broken. Independence was broken. Again this is somewhat touchy and personal…I let what people say really get to me then it just upsets me a lot…Technology wasn’t broken because I wasn’t always on my phone to where I ignored family. Sincerity was broken because I say a lot I shouldn’t. Temperance actually was not broken. If I eat too much I get sick and I already think I have bronchitis. Tranquility was not broken.

Franklin’s virtues aren’t the easiest things to follow so I can see how he broke them. I recommend people to try this if they ever have time to because it’s interesting to see how easily we break life’s “golden rules”

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