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Second week of school wasn’t so much about a syllabus, the rules of the classroom, or even getting to know the classmates I’ve known and played the same ice breaker games with the past 12 years. It was more of legitimate work. In McGarry’s we learned about the elements of a short story. Most terms I was familiar with like antagonist, protagonist, climax rising and falling action. A new term I learned was milieu, which is the specific feeling of a specific people at a specific time. Two terms I never knew existed, but they really do in every story is a round and flat character. A flat character is a character with not much knowledge. You know the basics of them and that is all. The round character is the character with all the “juice” per say. It’s the character that has all the details and you normally know them inside and out. Usually the main characters are the round, while minor are pretty flat. The antagonist is usually flat, whereas the protagonist is round. In Butterfly Garden by Chip St. Clair, Chip is a round character. An example of a flat character would be Chip’s dad.  Chip is the main character and well known by the reader. He is the round character because he is talked about the most in the book. You can infer that if he is talked about the most, you know the most about him. Chip’s father on the other hand, is not known about too much. No one is talked about as much as Chip in the story. His father isn’t the only flat character, but he is the more common flat character in the book. Of all the words, the newest term to me was flat and round characters. After learning this concept, I did not change my view of the story or at stories at all. As I didn’t change my view of the story, I did however change my understanding of why some stories only have very few major characters.

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The second week of school wasn’t much different from the first. We did more notes though and I didn’t want to fall asleep in class. Actually the more that I think of it, nothing at all was different. Only good part of the week was Friday because of football. We lost to Southern 49-0, but this week we play Warrior Run so I mean thats something to look forward to for the end of this week. Oh and can’t forget about NFL officially starting this week so I’m super super hype for that. Well I have nothing else to say, so ‘m not gonna waste your time reading this, or my time writing it so Liah D is out.

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