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Well, here’s to the beginning of a new school year. Junior year has finally come. The time where we have to start thinking about college, jobs, for some people buying a car, and just in general a lot of “adult responsibilities.” The start of the year hasn’t been the best, but definitely is not the worst. With being that I’m taking more classes that will help me focus on my plans after graduation, I like school a lot more. Not many close real friends here in BHS, but LiahD you a real one, so all I need is myself. School is bearable. I like the way my classes are laid out. American Cultures first thing in the morning is nice because it’s laid back and calm. Next, I have health. Not too bad. Don’t get me wrong Archey is awesome, but some of those videos we watch I dread. This is probably my least favorite all day. Then there’s a huge transition of moods in the classroom which is Spanish 3. I sit by Evan and just in general, it’s an upbeat hyper class. Sometimes I just don’t really know. Then American Literature. Not bad either. So far I like it way more than previous English, reading, writing, and such classes. After American Lit. I go downstairs to Bio 2 Honors. I like this class a lot. It is a science class where I’m learning things I actually understand and can take in. Afterwards, I have study hall and lunch so this that super nice. It’s right in the middle of the day and allows me to catch up on work from the previous night I was unable to finish or work I received that morning. 10th period, I have psychology. Psychology is definitely my favorite class this year. I just like learning about people and the way their brain works and the way they think. I guess in a way that goes hand in hand with the fact that I wish to be a drug and alcohol counselor. 11th period, I end the day with pre-calc. Pretty great class. Mr. Yates and I say “hey!” everyday, but reading this you wouldn’t understand. It’s been ongoing since freshman year. All in all, as far as my schedule I like it. Not many new adjustments this year, but I was very surprise to hear Mr. Bressi is leaving.

On the 4th day of school, Friday, we presented a slideshow about ourselves. I explained in mine where I’m from, who my family is, and places I’ve been and would like to go. I also explained what I plan to do after high school and just some basic things about my life. Everyone had to present, and of all people, I was most surprised by the fact that Jacob is so good at wrestling.

If you know me, you know I only read when it’s required, hate movies, and almost any kind of literature or anything that would have to do with a story, except music. I love my music, hence Culture the name of this blog. Over the years while having to do book reports and read for AR, I have come across two great books. They’re not your typical horror, mystery, comedy, or romance book, but rather something I do not know how to explain. In between To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and the Butterfly Garden by Chip St. Clair, I cannot choose my favorite. in a 5 second summary, To Kill a Mockingbird is about a guy named Tom being accused of raping a woman, and he never did it. The theme is basically don’t kill someones innocence. Butterfly Garden is about someone who was always abused by his parents and after being in the hospital, meeting a girl there, and her moving where he lived, they met and started dating and stuff. She went to the butterfly garden which was “his getaway” per say. Eventually well, nevermind, just read the book. It’s super super good. Well 684 words later, the first blog of the year is done. So until next time friends, LiahD is out!!!