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My topic for  the debate is the pro of racism in police. I do and don’t agree with the topic so it is a little hard. I agree because in some instances the police go against a certain race or color when it comes to punishment when the same action could happen with a different race and they have no punishment. For example, a blue person ate all the pizza and now he is getting in trouble, but a yellow person ate all the pizza somewhere else and he has no punishment. I also don’t think this occurs because in some instances, people are more violent than others, but because of today’s society and everything is made into a racial issue and there are such things as the #blacklivesmatter and #alllivesmatter movements and so forth. Therefore, it may not be an actual racism by police issue. Before I even started research, I knew already this is a current issue. It mostly happens in bigger cities and you don’t see this as an issue in old ‘ol Pennsyltucky where you may see it a lot in New York. If you do a basic google search, things like “FGCU white racism class being guarded” and things about FGCU. A way I plan to logically address this topic is by listing off facts and statistics of instances. An ethical issue could be mentioned by someone who effected by this as far as a boyfriend or family member being a victim of the brutality. All different types of emotions can come into play when talking about a subject like this. For many people it is touchy and there is no yes or no answers or facts, it is all based on statistics. Some people may be mad, sad, annoyed, enraged, confused, etc because of how far this topic has come in society.

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Beach House 3

Bob Condotta in the coverage for Seattle Seahawks asked what the reason for the loss to the Rams by 36 points was? He also stated in other words Seattle has no hopes for playoffs. I would like to tell you they are wrong. The team is 8-6. If you don’t understand football and playoffs, don’t read it or argue with me. Okay no but basically…there’s 2 divisions. AFC and NFC. There’s 17 weeks of NFL. There is 32 teams in NFL. 16 AFC and 16 NFC. 6 teams each division go into playoffs. There’s 2 Z teams which have a bye week on both AFC and NFC. The 4 other teams play like 2 and 2. Then those games eliminate it so that then each of the Z teams play the winner of the other 2 games. Those games eliminate another person which then leads to championship. That is the final game before Super Bowl. Over break they played the Cowboys and won, making it 9-6. This past weekend they Cardinals 9-7. In order to make it to playoffs, the Falcons had to lose to the Panthers and the Seahawks had to win to the Cardinals. Maybe they didn’t win to the Rams, but it’s because they’re missing half of their d-line. Another thing is, the Seahawks have had a good team for a few years, so one year that’s rough you have to cut them slack. I believe they deserved to go to playoffs, bu they didn’t win the last week and another team that had to lose, won. All in all, the Seahawks didn’t make it,  but they should’ve went to playoffs

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Quality Control

Over the past 5 days, we had an experiment to test. We had to record each day the virtues we broke from Ben Franklin’s 13 virtues. We added our own 3 and took one away. One we took away was chastity because it just didn’t apply to us. We added independence, technology, and prioritize.

Prioritize was not broken this weekend. I was in New York and New Jersey with my family. We spent the whole weekend together. Resolution has been broken for a few months to be honest. My life isn’t at a very high point right now and there is a lot of rough patches so I have not really had time to resolve anything to better myself… Frugality was broken like 2 times. This weekend I bought meats and cheeses and bread at my favorite Italian deli. I also bought ramen noodles and snacks for my brothers and I at the hotel when we already had some. It wasn’t wasting money, but I didn’t keep the last couple of my fries at a restaurant so that broke frugality. Industry was broken a couple times. At the hotel, I could’ve been showering and I was on my phone. Also we went to the Palisades Parkway and Paramus Park malls. Both malls in which have more than one story and blow Columbia and Selinsgrove as well as all other PA malls out of the water. We wasted time just standing there doing nothing while we could’ve been in other stores. Order was broken when we were in the city. One of my friends and store owner Ernie Rossi wasn’t at his store. The tree was also unable to get near because the road was blocked off. Humility was weird. I didn’t do wrong, or maybe I did, but I apologized and shouldn’t have. Moderation was not broken. I was going to buy rings then realized I wanted them and didn’t need to wait in the long line when I could get the same ones on their website. Silence is always broken because I say how I feel. Cleanliness can not be broken because I refuse to allow myself to smell like fish. Justice was not broken. Independence was broken. Again this is somewhat touchy and personal…I let what people say really get to me then it just upsets me a lot…Technology wasn’t broken because I wasn’t always on my phone to where I ignored family. Sincerity was broken because I say a lot I shouldn’t. Temperance actually was not broken. If I eat too much I get sick and I already think I have bronchitis. Tranquility was not broken.

Franklin’s virtues aren’t the easiest things to follow so I can see how he broke them. I recommend people to try this if they ever have time to because it’s interesting to see how easily we break life’s “golden rules”

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Without Warning

My initial reaction to the story was literally “What is this?” I was very confused. I even read through the poem a second time. Some questions I have about the poem are related to the plot, characters, and the symbols. One thing I want to know is what exactly are the events happening in the poem? It doesn’t seem to have an obvious point and plot in general. Who is the bear? I don’t know why they used a bear as a character. What does an Eagle represent? It seems to have some symbolic meaning.

I thought the poem was about someone who fakes a smile to see happy and hide the pain when they are actually depressed. The reason I thought that is because of the title and the diction. The title is a smile. The words “pursued by a bear” are I guess you could say used metaphorically. The bear is actually being used to say problems. He is being chased down and burdened from his problems and he cannot escape. This added to the title a smile created the feeling for me that hes not actually happy, but puts on the act of happiness to hide his sadness and bad feeling.

After discussion in class, my questions had been answered. First off, an eagle does not represent anything. The Eagles are a band it is referring to. Some song  lyrics lie within the poem. The plot is similar to a song by the Eagles called Hotel California.

An allusion I feel was most important to understand the work was “Thoreau’s quiet desperation.” I feel as so because an author Henry David Thoreau said “mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. This means men live unhappy lives and say nothing about it. They also do not try to fix it. This poem is about unhappiness and addiction. Many other allusions were important too understanding the story, but I feel none were like this.  Another allusion to be used to understand the story is “so much depends upon…” and “So much depends upon–“. This means many things depend on what we don’t appreciate.

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Thank Me Later

For my six word short story I chose “Longed for him. Got him. Shit”. I chose this story because it is something I can easily connect to in order to be able to write a story on it.

My general idea on the story is about a girl and boy. The girl’s name is Layla and the boy’s name is Derek. The story is about Derek catfishing Layla. Not to see if she’s cheating on her boyfriend, but because he wanted to always talk to her, but he thought she was too pretty for him. Eventually Layla finds out that the picture he sent her isn’t actually him. She got mad at him and wouldn’t talk to him for awhile. Then he told her he was sorry and why he did it. She forgave him and they started talking. They were good friends after talking for quite awhile and then is where it all really began. She gained feelings for him, and he had them for her. The feelings arised because she could confide in him and tell him everything. They started to date. Things were going well, but I mean they were nothing alike. She liked to get out and do things, and he just liked to be in his room all the time doing nothing. After being together for awhile, and being “in love” it came to where roles switched. He was out all the time and she was at home. The problem is he was out partying. Eventually, Layla found out he was cheating on her. They tried to talk it out, but it wasn’t worth it. Finally, she broke up with him and left him for good.

My initial idea was to make it about a girl still named Layla and a boy named Derek. It was going to be somewhere along the same lines, but then I changed it. The reason I changed it is because the story I have now, can be more relateable considering it’s based on a true story. It changed as far as plot because I changed the antagonist. Changed the characters because it will be easier to connect to the story and flow better. Changed the setting from Bloomsburg to California and Millville, PA because of where the characters live.

In the end, she “longed for him”, she “got him” then “shit” he was a mistake. technically, it was the other way around because he wanted her first.

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I decided

For most people, fair week is fried food, tea, apple dumplings, and hanging out with friends. For me, fair week was work, work, work, and a little bit of cheer. My family last year designed a concession stand, called the Dubelicious Grille (don’t remind me of the name). We started running it in about May. The week before fair started, we spent a lot of time at the fair grounds setting up our spot and at home prepping by cutting onions, mushrooms, peppers; cleaning and cutting chicken and steak; marinating the steak; making roux; and etc. At the fair, my job is a little bit of everything. I’m the main cook that works on the flat top, sandwich station, and fryers. My m and gram are cashiers, my brothers usually get drinks and French fries and poutine. If you’re wondering, poutine is french fries with beef gravy and cheddar cheese curds. It’s a Canadian staple, we also have a flat iron poutine. Flat iron poutine is poutine with a couple of ounces of flat iron steak. When I’m napping or taking a break, my dad comes in and he cooks. A few of the items we serve as well as poutine and regular fries are a buffalo chicken sandwich, carribean jerk chicken sandwich, flat iron steak sandwich, chicken Caesar wrap, chicken Caesar salad, and chicken fingers. The Buffalo chicken sandwich is grilled Buffalo chicken served on a potato bun with lettuce, tomato, and garlic mayonnaise topped with pepper jack cheese and roasted red peppers. The carribean jerk chicken sandwich is grilled chicken which has been marinated in carribean jerk seasoning, sugar, and orange juice. This sandwich is served also on a potato bun with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise topped with a slice of grilled pineapple. Our flat iron steak sandwich is served on a steak roll with your choice of mushrooms, onions, and peppers. You also have the choice of barbecue, demi-glace, or provolone cheese sauce. The chicken caesar wrap is romaine lettuce topped with red onion, parmesan cheese shavings, grilled chicken and a special caesar dressing in a spinach wrap. Our Caesar salad is the same as the wrap with no tortilla.

We stayed in our camper at the fairgrounds because it was easier with our equipment that was here every night. Every morning, I would wake up at 8 sometimes 9 with my parents. I would get dressed, brush my teeth, and put my contacts in. Once that’s all done, I would go out into the trailer and turn on the food warmers. 2 of the pots were for the beef gravy, one pot for cheese sauce, and the other for Demi-glace. Next, I would light the fryers, charbroiledr, flat top and convection oven. While they were turning on, I would make sure my sandwich station had what I needed and in the fridge I would have my chicken marked off and do my onions, mushrooms, and peppers. I would make sure I had my pans of steak ready, and steak for our flat iron poutine cut up. Afterwards, I would ask my brothers to help me finish up, we would put our ketchup, barbecue, vinegar, salt, pepper, and napkins. Next, would be the cheese curds. We would take ice and break it down for one pan and then inside that pan would be a smaller pan with the cheese curds with the lid on top to keep them cold. By 10, I would have French fries under the warmer and chicken fingers in the holding oven. Basically my job was to cook the sandwiches and do the fries and chicken fingers. 10 pm was close time so we would start to turn things off and put everything away and wash dishes. Not soon enough would be he best part of the day. I get to finally sweep and mop the floor so I can then leave and go get a shower. We would take our clothes home to be washed and get showers then back to the fairgrounds to our camper for the same thing 7 hours later. Let’s be real here, my brothers helped with maybe 7% of the actual work this week.

The hardest part of the week was not a specific time or event. You see the fair this week was quite hot most of the week. With that being said and as a concession business, most people don’t want to eat. Therefore, knowing how much food we needed to make and have ready and such was hard to decide. You never know if people want hot food while it’s hot or hot food when it’s cold and vice versa. We always started with just a little bit of onions, mushrooms and peppers, we filled the gravy fully, as well as fries all the time. Chicken. And steak we didn’t do too much of. We didn’t want an abundance of food that people weren’t buying much. Since we didn’t make as much food that wasn’t needed, there was not s lot that was wasted or thrown away. All in all, this fair week has been tiring, but not too awful


Buddha’s always on time, whereas I’m always on time at dinnertime. Santa Buddies, a movie about keeping Christmas spirit alive and the Puppy Paws and his buddies had to save Christmas. At the North Pole, a crystal is what keeps the spirit within the town of Fernfield and other surrounding towns. Because of the icicle melting and everyone losing spirit, they lost the true meaning of Christmas. The main theme of the movie is never forget unselfish spreading of love and kindness. In the end, Christmas wins.

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In Santa Buddies, the icicle melting was not the only conflict. Cruge also stole a few of the dogs and put them in the pound at night. The puppies stayed in the pound forever. Cruge did not have any Christmas spirit at all. He almost reminds me of the Grinch. Little Mikey prayed for a dog for Christmas and when he didn’t get a dog, he was so sad and Christmas Eve he prayed again for a puppy. While at the North Pole, Santa and Santa Paws noticed the reason no one was excited for Christmas is because the icicle was melting. The icicle is a symbol for Christmas spirit. Puppy Paws got his buddies together and they tried to save the Christmas Spirit. In trying, they succeeded. Skipping basically the whole movie and even a little more now, in the end, they saved the spirit. Saving Christmas caused Cruge to also gain spirit and realize it is not as bad as it seemed to him. He let the dogs out of the pound. He for some reason or another must’ve felt super bad or something, because he gave all of the puppies in the pound up for adoption for free. Cruge walked through the snow to deliver Tiny right to Mikey’s door. He rang the doorbell and ran. Mikey and his dad opened the door to find Tiny, the perfect Christmas gift, just in time to crawl into bed awaiting Santa’s overnight arrival. Santa could not get his sleigh to go, and luckily Puppy Paws and al his buddies were on their way. They somehow managed to fly their sleigh, so they delivered all the presents!!! During a special visit, they all went in and saw Tiny. He told them how happy he was to see them all and be home with his Mikey. The next morning, Mikey and his dad walked over to Cruge’s and invited him for dinner. He didn’t want to be a bother to the family so he said no. Mikey wanted him to come, so he convinced him. Cruge went to get his coat on and went over to the family’s house for Christmas dinner. The end concluded with a singing of Silent Night as a town, started off by Cruge.

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The theme is defined through the characters feeling and the plot. Cruge didn’t like Christmas, and everyone seemed unhappy after a while.  The Christmas icicle melting wasn’t such a bad thing considering when spirit was brought back Cruge started to like Christmas. After you watch the movie too, you’ll agree that the theme is forgetting unselfish spreading of love and kindness, Christmas will win in the end.

Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight

Second week of school wasn’t so much about a syllabus, the rules of the classroom, or even getting to know the classmates I’ve known and played the same ice breaker games with the past 12 years. It was more of legitimate work. In McGarry’s we learned about the elements of a short story. Most terms I was familiar with like antagonist, protagonist, climax rising and falling action. A new term I learned was milieu, which is the specific feeling of a specific people at a specific time. Two terms I never knew existed, but they really do in every story is a round and flat character. A flat character is a character with not much knowledge. You know the basics of them and that is all. The round character is the character with all the “juice” per say. It’s the character that has all the details and you normally know them inside and out. Usually the main characters are the round, while minor are pretty flat. The antagonist is usually flat, whereas the protagonist is round. In Butterfly Garden by Chip St. Clair, Chip is a round character. An example of a flat character would be Chip’s dad.  Chip is the main character and well known by the reader. He is the round character because he is talked about the most in the book. You can infer that if he is talked about the most, you know the most about him. Chip’s father on the other hand, is not known about too much. No one is talked about as much as Chip in the story. His father isn’t the only flat character, but he is the more common flat character in the book. Of all the words, the newest term to me was flat and round characters. After learning this concept, I did not change my view of the story or at stories at all. As I didn’t change my view of the story, I did however change my understanding of why some stories only have very few major characters.

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The second week of school wasn’t much different from the first. We did more notes though and I didn’t want to fall asleep in class. Actually the more that I think of it, nothing at all was different. Only good part of the week was Friday because of football. We lost to Southern 49-0, but this week we play Warrior Run so I mean thats something to look forward to for the end of this week. Oh and can’t forget about NFL officially starting this week so I’m super super hype for that. Well I have nothing else to say, so ‘m not gonna waste your time reading this, or my time writing it so Liah D is out.


Well, here’s to the beginning of a new school year. Junior year has finally come. The time where we have to start thinking about college, jobs, for some people buying a car, and just in general a lot of “adult responsibilities.” The start of the year hasn’t been the best, but definitely is not the worst. With being that I’m taking more classes that will help me focus on my plans after graduation, I like school a lot more. Not many close real friends here in BHS, but LiahD you a real one, so all I need is myself. School is bearable. I like the way my classes are laid out. American Cultures first thing in the morning is nice because it’s laid back and calm. Next, I have health. Not too bad. Don’t get me wrong Archey is awesome, but some of those videos we watch I dread. This is probably my least favorite all day. Then there’s a huge transition of moods in the classroom which is Spanish 3. I sit by Evan and just in general, it’s an upbeat hyper class. Sometimes I just don’t really know. Then American Literature. Not bad either. So far I like it way more than previous English, reading, writing, and such classes. After American Lit. I go downstairs to Bio 2 Honors. I like this class a lot. It is a science class where I’m learning things I actually understand and can take in. Afterwards, I have study hall and lunch so this that super nice. It’s right in the middle of the day and allows me to catch up on work from the previous night I was unable to finish or work I received that morning. 10th period, I have psychology. Psychology is definitely my favorite class this year. I just like learning about people and the way their brain works and the way they think. I guess in a way that goes hand in hand with the fact that I wish to be a drug and alcohol counselor. 11th period, I end the day with pre-calc. Pretty great class. Mr. Yates and I say “hey!” everyday, but reading this you wouldn’t understand. It’s been ongoing since freshman year. All in all, as far as my schedule I like it. Not many new adjustments this year, but I was very surprise to hear Mr. Bressi is leaving.

On the 4th day of school, Friday, we presented a slideshow about ourselves. I explained in mine where I’m from, who my family is, and places I’ve been and would like to go. I also explained what I plan to do after high school and just some basic things about my life. Everyone had to present, and of all people, I was most surprised by the fact that Jacob is so good at wrestling.

If you know me, you know I only read when it’s required, hate movies, and almost any kind of literature or anything that would have to do with a story, except music. I love my music, hence Culture the name of this blog. Over the years while having to do book reports and read for AR, I have come across two great books. They’re not your typical horror, mystery, comedy, or romance book, but rather something I do not know how to explain. In between To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and the Butterfly Garden by Chip St. Clair, I cannot choose my favorite. in a 5 second summary, To Kill a Mockingbird is about a guy named Tom being accused of raping a woman, and he never did it. The theme is basically don’t kill someones innocence. Butterfly Garden is about someone who was always abused by his parents and after being in the hospital, meeting a girl there, and her moving where he lived, they met and started dating and stuff. She went to the butterfly garden which was “his getaway” per say. Eventually well, nevermind, just read the book. It’s super super good. Well 684 words later, the first blog of the year is done. So until next time friends, LiahD is out!!!