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Personally, not gonna lie. I didn’t read half the novel because I used sparknotes and shmoop. The actual times I read, I didn’t like the book all that much. It’s adventurous and very country like. Especially with the family feud they had. I think it was more confusing that anything. Honestly, it was better than I did expect.

It did accomplish its job. The themes of southern romanticism and hypocrisy were very much accomplished. For example, the duke and king buy alcohol with their money, but they mention temperance.

It compares to other novels I’ve read because I read true stories. I am interested in books about problems like family issues, abuse, addicts, and etc. This book was not a true story so it bored me. If I were reading a book like Butterfly Garden, I would have definitely read every night chapters were assigned. Huck Finn was honestly just kind of boring. I guess if I was into the genre more, I would like it more, but this was totally different than other books I’ve read.

The end of the book Jim gets out of jail and Huck gets adopted. Pap also dies. I’m happy for Huck because he was adopted. I wish the book would’ve said when Pap actually died, instead of waiting until the end. The reason I would change it is because it was a waste of time to wait to find out in the end when they knew in the beginning.

The most important things to take away from this book are don’t be a hypocrite for one.

The novel still applies today because people are hypocritical of many things. For example, people will say spread kindness or some stupid cliché quote then will be rude and an awful person themselves.

The Huck Finn project were doing is Huck Against Humanity. We will make black and white cards. The black ones having the starting phrase or quote..whatever we choose. The white will be the finishers. They fill in the blank. We chose this project because

we wanted to do a game to keep the interest of people. The black cards will tie with the white cards. This game will be more of memory than actual Cards Against Humanity since that would be somewhat hard to do, but will have the C.A.H. idea. My expectations are to get the project done


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Waka Flocka Myers 8

In chapter 30 there’s several things that are important. One is when Huck made up a story to the duke and king about his running away. He didn’t want them to think he was betraying them. The duke and king also turn on each other for a little bit also. Another key point is when the duke makes the king give up the money he stole. They both got drunk together and forgot about everything the Huck eventually told Jim everything that happened.


Chapter 31 has several things also happen. The duke and king were so broke they went to another con since it worked for them before as far as getting money, The king went to go find something and when he didn’t come back for awhilew, huck and the duke had to go looking for him and find him in a bar. It was an example of hypocrisy and also ties with the temperance virtue since he uses his money on alcohol.  Another quarrel happened and what do ya know, Huck runs away and when he gets ready to run away with Jim, he’s not there. He finds out he was sold for $40. He realizes the king was the one wh0o sold him so he has money for the bar. Huck wants to write to Miss. Watson but can’t upset her, as he also just wants to fix the problem. He realizes this is God talking to him so he prays to God so he can write a letter home to explain what happened and yet he wants to just let Jim go and be free. Huck hides his canoe and goes to Silas’s not knowing Jim is there.

Chapter 32, Aunt Sally thinks Huck is Tom Sawyer and he plays along. HE also remember about the Wilkes brothers. Everytime you pretend to be someone, the real one shows up too. Therefore he hurries away and hopes to find the real Tom sawyer.

Chapter 33, Huck finds Tom snd he thinks he is a ghost. Huck told hm about Jim. They went back to Aunt Sallys and Tom acts like a stranger but is welcomed in and when he kisses aunt sally it is rude.
We met Aunt Sally and Silas. Characters further developed were Huck and honestly I think the King and Duke. We know Phelp’s farm is where Jim was. I think it is used by twain in a way as a key element to the story. To me, I don’t see a specific way the setting was used. I’m not good at predictions and had no clue where the plot was headed

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Hear No Evil

Well you see, we are reading the adventures of huckleberry finn by mark twain. This book is like EVERY SINGLE OTHER BOOK WE read in this class. Confusion. Confusion. Confusion. Oh, and did I say confusion? This book I think is about a boy taken into the arms by a widow, then something happened with his dad I think ? Then he plans to run away and goes to to a river and finds a canoe then goes to an island near home

This summary might be completely off. Not gonna lie and you can probably see, I don’t really read it. I really really try, then half way through, I happen to just go to sparknotes or shmoop because I cannot get interested.

This book is a little worse than I expected. Everyone said this and Vertigo are the most exciting thing all year. Vertigo was honestly wayyy better than this. This is just confusing and annoying

I mostly dislike everything. One thing I do like, is It is a tad bit more interesting than most things we read in here… aka song of myself, the jumping frog, etc… Song of myself was just plain old boring and CONFUSING. I think it had to do with transcendentalism. For example, a blade of grass represented a human in society compared to a whole population like a whole yard of grass. Jumping frog was about two men making a bet and the one basically cheated his way to win. This is about people on an adventure and surviving on their own. Last year we watched and read of mice and men, and in a way, its the same concept. KIds survive without their parents mainly.


  BAck to Huck FInn, you can see that I’m cluless as to what this book is acxtually about. I tried to avoid this blog, but ya know now I have a 57 becausze of it when I just had a high 80… RIP there ya have it. All in all, I don’t fully unferstand this, but what I do know, I don’t like it


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Dex meets Dexter

The short story “The Celebrating Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” was a weird story. It was basically about 2 people who make a bet about this frog being the best jumper. While the other guy went to get another frog to compare the best to, he left the best frog with the guy he was betting against. The guy with the bet against him put metal pellets inside the frog to weigh him down. When the guy came back with another frog, the “best jumping frog” actually couldn’t jump at all because he was weighed down. Therefore, the other man won the bet. This is an example of satire because it’s teaching you to not let people trick you I guess?? With the plot how it is, it makes the story pretty funny actually. The guy who started the bet got played in the end.

Independent reading in quarter 3 gave me mixed feelings. I really really liked the book, like probably my favorite book now, but I didn’t like the project we did. I would’ve rather done a powerpoint and presented it talking thoroughly. The book trailer tried to convince people to read it, which yes I want everyone to read it, but with the content in my book you had to be careful as far as what information and details you put in it. The book is a little R-rated I guess, therefore a lot of it wasn’t able to be put in a school project. At least with a powerpoint I would’ve been able to elaborate more about the book verbally and explain it.

Huck Finn’s first chapter was really confusing. We even went over it and took notes. I think they story will be interesting hopefully. I don’t know what to say becayse if you read my blogs, I never understand what we learn

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I do not really experience satire, besides sarcasm. I am really sarcastic and I guess like parodies are satire, but other than that I’m a boring person. I am not political so I can’t tell you anything about that. The humor I enjoy most. Well humor isn’t that funny like I can’t think of anything at the top of my head. Again only sarcasm. I only really speak in sarcasm because of stupid people. Stupid question, stupid answer. Can’t say much more than that. For example when people ask if it was hard for me to learn English when I came here, I say yeah I had to learn a whole different language. They usually ask that right after I say I came to America at 7 months old.


All I know is Mark Twain is a writer I think and I’m pretty sure he wrote Huckleberry Finn. I heard that reading this wasn’t fun. Also not to go off on a tangent, but mark twain reminds me of Shania Twain and Harry Houdini… don’t ask why because I can’t even tell you. Also this blog is literally only at about 2oo words and I can’t think of anything else to write. This class honestly kinda makes me mad, well the blogs because every blog they get longer and more vague. Soon its literally gonna be like define what “I walked the dog after school” means minimum 600 words and 4 pictures… that’s enough for today at 250… have a good day and I’m sorry but hope you enjoy this noninformational blog

Image result for cashew chicken saladalso this is what im about to eat…. oriental cashew chicken salad with tortilla strips, sharp cheddar (white not yellow), cashews, and chicken with frsh garden greens and asian seasame dressing…. 10/10 from the PBI… total with tax is 10.07 for a large portion

I dont have an album

Well you see I am doing this blog a whole almost week late, but better late than never. With that being said I am not doing it on halfway through the film but the whole film. It took a while to do this blog because literally all up until the end I didn’t even understand what the movie was about lololol. I suck at interpreting movies and books and basically all literature.

From what I understand Gavin was married to Madeline I think. She was kinda crazy and since Scottie, his friend from college is a dectective, he wanted him to take a look at Madeline and see if she was being haunted or posessed. Madeline died. He only married her for her money because he said “I married into a ship making business” or whatever.

Fast forward a little bit, Scottie has a girl named Judy disguise herself as Madeline. Eventually in the end, she is at the top of a tower and hears someone coming and thinks it’s Madelines spirits and goes to escape and run. She ends up jumping from the tower and it’s just the nun.

Again, I still actually don’t understand this movie so you can’t ask me much. I think it’s super confusing. It’s weird as hell. I honestly just don’t like it. I don’t really like anything. The movie is over so there’s no predictions. My critique so far is nothing because I DON’T LIKE IT.. AS YOU CAN TELL I DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING ELSE TO WRITE BECAUSE I DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT…. ALL OF THESE MOVIES AND BOOKS AND WHATEVER ELSE TRANSCENDENTALIST AND CRAZY PEOPLE THINGS WE READ AND WATCH DO NOT MAKE SENSE. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A CRITIQUE BUT I DO NOT KNOW IT ENOUGH TO BE ABLE TO ELABORATE ON IT IN DEPTH…

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Lil Boat 2

My reaction to the work is nothing. I have no feeling. I truly still after reading it and doing the presentations, it is stupid. Not even because I don’t understand it but WHO IN THE WORLD would make minuscule things have like deep meaning?! No. The most interesting section other than mine is honestly probably 9. It’s the most interesting because it’s about America and the society and us being together as one, I guess you could say. I like it the most because its easiest to understand and relate to.

This poem I feel i could argue is not the most influential. It doesn’t make a whole lotta sense. Like all of the poems we read in this class say simple things with deep meaning. I feel it’s not influential to many in American Literature unless you actually understand it. There are other poems that have better and more clear meaning. Specific elements would be symbol, I guess. Symbol of all because the blade of grass is a symbol of society as a whole. Blade of grass : yard of grass :: individual : society. This is most reflected because society is us. We act and do different things and society itself affects us as individuals.

I have no questions for this besides why do they not simplify it to understandable terms? Another question I guess would be yeah there’s nothing. I would rate it a 0. If they would have simplified it so i could spend 2 days and not 2 weeks on the poem, it might get a 2 star. These  blogs anger me when they’re about just poems and stories because I don’t know what they mean, so I can’t really go deep into them therefore this blog is a little shy of the word count

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Late Nights

I think Thoreau and Walden have the same idea. They both have to do with nature, but they wanted to improve life and make changes. Throreau thinks we need to go through life simply if we let it be, and not realize. Walden thinks that we rely on ourselves, more than anyone and we should.

I think the main idea is do your own thing, go your own way. When you finally find a path that goes for you, you will just naturally fall into it. Life can be hard, but don’t be the one who makes it hard. If you live the same life as everyone else you will not be any different. We would all clash. Think about it, do you want a clone of yourself? You’ll have to compete against your clone with everything. We don’t want to go to the same college, same job, same everything as everyone else. Be yourself.

If you leave society to live in the woods, you will get cold. Or even heat exhaustion. And as long as you have food, you will be okay. It would be great to be alone in the woods. You can collect yourself and find a true sense of self and who you are. Get away from everyone. Make nature friends. It may be bad because you will get lonely. Being alone can also cause depression and other issues. I don’t think I could do it honestly. I’m too much of a people person.

I think they should take from transcendentalism that you really need to focus on yourself more than anything. Like know you have nature and the government, but do stuff for you


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The purpose of independent reading is to practice reading every day. To be able to better your understanding of literature since it is a big part of our world. To better encourage student to read, especially myself, is read things more relatable to us and independently. As far as Independent reading, create something that makes us read more often than the AR system we have. Not gonna lie, we either don’t care enough to do it or we all cheat off each other. Making us do AR logs like Mrs. Callahan does might make us actually read, but do it in a way we read books we can engage in.

For my first 3rd quarter book I chose a stolen life: a memoir by Jaycee Dugard. This book is about someone who was kidnapped at age 11 and just recently in 2009 was released from the kidnapper after 18 years. I chose this book because for some reason, I am super interested in books about drug addiction, abuse, and just I guess you could call them “horrific” things. It’s not so much that it’s fun and brings joy interesting, rather a I feel bad for them, I want to help these type of people. I started to become interested into this type of books after I read Butterfly Garden a memoir by Chip St. Clair.

I’m not sure what is going to happen after the first chapter. So far it was just telling about Jaycee’s life before she moved and now when she moved. The first chapter ended right as she was being kidnapped and kept in a van. What I think is gonna happen is she’s going to be kidnapped for years and years and never be allowed out until she breaks out. My initial reaction wasn’t much of a reaction but a feeling. I felt sorry for the girl having to go through this since she is only 11 years old.

The concerns I have for the trailer is what the heck? Why do we have to do it? But also when it is due? Can I not be pictured in it at all? How long does it have to be? What are all of the requirements?


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What a Time to be Alive

Transcendentalism is confusing. I don’t really understand the whole concept. I don’t like it anyways because it is too philosophical for me. I don’t even know if this is an actual word.

When I read the excerpts, I did not know what I was reading. Rereading it a second time was no help. I still don’t understand and never learned this is previous english classes. People are naturally evil I feel. If they did not have nature and God then they would just be weird and crazy. Without discipline, kids wouldn’t learn right from wrong. If your family doesn’t care about you as a child you will not follow rules as you get older. Without parents we won’t live a healthy life. We would just be bad people. Because of how we’re raised, we follow laws. For example, we follow the law of no drinking until you’re 21. You can’t drive without a permit or license at the age of 16.

Religion and moral beliefs have a great part in this. People believe Adam and Eve are where life started. They ate the apple when they weren’t supposed to. This is an act of evil. People steal, cheat, lie, murder, and etc. Some people go places to help save others, they are social workers, animal doctors, and good people. They are so good, because they are raised right. They start as evil people and are brought up to be better. Think about it, we are in our “terrible twos”, we don’t know anything as a baby, so we naturally act bad and are taught to be good.

Another part of transcendentalism is God. People follow religion which is believe by some, and that is what people live by.  Society and rules, and God bring us to be who we are as a whole. We go to church and read the bible. He is what started the Bible and why we follow religion.

Without God, Nature, and morals we would not be good people. Therefore, I believe we are naturally born evil. However, transcendentalism is not a real thing, so I do not think it even exsists