AR book #2

For my second book this quarter, I chose to read Laurie Halse Anderson’s “Chains”. This book is about a girl who was a slave. I was very opposed to reading this book in the beginning... Read More

Blog 29

In Citizen Kane, Kane’s concept of the American Dream is revealed through flashbacks of those Kane has known. To the outside world, Kane has the ideal American Dream and with it, everything that is ... Read More

Blog 28

I thought that Citizen Kane was decent enough a movie. Not too bad. The big sled reveal at the end really through me for a loop. I never really thought about the significance of the sled before. I thi... Read More

Blog 27

I think that the poem “Spring and All” by William Carlos Williams best represented the concepts of imagism because I believe that it gives the most vivid and clear images in my mind. In te... Read More

Blog 26

In the poem, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot the theme was about how social classes inhibit love and the lack of love in modern times. The theme is developed first by having the poi... Read More

Blog 25

For the Huck Finn project, my group will be doing a social media page for a modern adaptation of Huck Finn. Throughout his Instagram page, will show the evolution of him as a character and the themes ... Read More

Blog 24

As a whole, I thought that Huck Finn was a pretty okay book. I think that it says a lot about the content and quality of this book there are so many themes that are still relevant to society today. I ... Read More

Blog 23

There are so many important parts of these chapters, however, I think that some were more important than others. Overall, throughout chapters 30 to 33, I think that the most important parts are the fo... Read More

Blog 22

I think that the characters of the King and Duke are irritating, but very necessary and somewhat humorous. I think that their purpose in the novel is to bring to light what kind of person Huck is. The... Read More