I thought that watching these two works would be a lot of fun because I really enjoy watching films. However, I actually did not enjoy these movies as much as I thought I would. While I didn’t really like the films, I still think that they showed interesting and different perspectives on the American Dream. Citizen Kane and Death of a Salesman both show the concept of the “American Dream” as well as doing so in completely different manners. Charles Foster Kane attempted his version of the “American Dream” by trying to own a business and be successful financially. He came about doing this the wrong way though. He created a newspaper that told stories that were far from the truth of what was actually going on. Unfortunately newspapers sold and he became very wealthy because of it. Even though he knew the newspapers were extremely falsified. Kane might have came about doing it the wrong way but he definitely made a very good living off it. I think viewers are supposed to take away that it is not the end goal of having money (American Dream) that is worth it, it is the journey of working hard that makes you happy. Just like every valedictorian graduation speech says, “Focus on the journey, not the destination!” This is supported by the simple fact that Kane was unhappy when things were handed to him but happy when he was living in the moment (playing in the snow when he was young). I think this is a very important and valuable theme. Biff Loman comes to the realization that he was unhappy just doing what his father was doing to try and get wealthy. Biff feels trapped in Willy’s idea that he can only be successful by being a salesman. In the end, Willy, along with his bad idea of an American Dream, dies. I think this supports the idea that the viewers should take away the idea that it is the journey and people around you who are worth more than the destination. This is relevant in our society today, especially in high school. Sometimes, we get too caught up in the idea of going to college that we loose sight of the little things that go on in high school, just like Willy focused too much on getting rich that he lost everything around him.  After writing this blog, I learned that I liked these films a little bit more than I originally thought I did.

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