Blog 24

My thoughts on Huck Finn was that it was actually a pretty good story, I was worried I was going to hate it. It was wayyyyy  better than expected.  I think it did a really good job at displaying it’s theme and continuing to show them throughout the novel. It’s not in any of my top choices of novels to read but I still thought it was pretty good. I’m not really sure how I felt about the end of the book, honestly it ended kind of abruptly to me. I don’t really know how to explain it. I think the most important thing to take away from this novel is to respect others no matter their race, religion, family, ect. Throughout the story is really shined a light on how blacks were treated during that time period and how Huck didn’t care Jim was black and a slave the whole time. They still became best friends even though Huck was white. I definitely think the novel still applies to society today especially revolving around the racism concept.

Blog 29

In Citizen Kane the “American Dream” is revealed by him becoming rich and successful throughout his newspaper business. In Death of a Salesman it is revealed by Loman’s constant thrive for success, no matter if it’s with his boys or with himself. I think the message viewers should take from these is that family is more important than success. In Citizen Kane his whole issue was that he was separated from his mother and to hide that pain his created a very successful newspaper company and became rich. In Death of a Salesman Loman focused so much on his work and success that he pushed his family away and eventually when the dementia kicked in he pushed them away even more with being rude and ruining his relationship with everyone. I think the messages are still relevant today because you see a lot of people picking things over family or money over family, for example, high paying jobs that allow very little time at home. One deciding factor for applying to jobs is the pay, some people pick the amount of money they are receiving over how much time they can spend at home.

Blog 28

My reaction to Citizen Kane is that it was just alright. I didn’t really enjoy the beginning at all, but as it got closer to the end things got way more interesting. I think Charles is a man that is depressed and going through some separation issues. ( with his mother). I think him being basically sold away by his mother and living with an abusive father really took a toll on his mental health, resulting in his constant need of trying to please people. I think the most revealing flashbacks were Kane’s. They really gave us a background of Kane which helped put pieces together a lot. I think a similarity between Kane and Loman is that they are both constantly trying to please everyone which eventually leads them to madness (even though Loman’s is a disease, but that is beside the point)

Blog 27

Honestly, I think the poem that best displayed imagism would be “The Ivy Crown”, but my group did that one, so my other pick would be “The Red Wheelbarrow”. This poem was very visual to me, but with a secret meaning that wasn’t necessarily hard to find. You just had to think a little. Keep in mind that I hate poetry, so I didn’t really like any of these, but if I had to pick it would be “The Red Wheelbarrow”. The poem I hated the most was “Pear Tree”, for some reason this one was just harder for me to wrap my head around and to understand. If I could actually understand it I probably would have liked it at least a little more. Can we please be done with poetry. I can’t take this anymore, it’s the fourth quarter Mcgarry come on. 

Blog 26

The theme of these three poems I think has something to do with time and the main focus, being different. In each poem they expressed the importance of time or had some relevance of time. They also talked about how it’s better to be different then the same as everyone else. Each poem showed their themes through people. I feel like each poem had a main focus on a specific person, which they reflected the theme. For example; the first one was with the drunk. Everyone had the same boring dreams, but thought they were of “higher class” I guess you could say, while the drunk was the only one with different and extravagant dreams even though he was viewed as “lower class”. The second poem is basically about how society controls how people live and make decisions. Finally, the third poem expresses how you can still be loved even if you don’t follow the bandwagon ways of society. My favorite out of all three would be the first one we read “The Love Song of Alfred J. Prufrock”. I liked this one the most because it was easier to understand for me and the theme stuck out more.

Blog 23


There are a lot of important times in these chapters. One moment was when the Duke and the King got together to sell Jim.  This part right here is the place that really shows Huck’s maturity when he decided to give his life up to go and save him. Also, this is the moment where you almost are angry because Huck and Jim cared for and even helped the Duke and the King. Another time  is when the King admitted to stealing the money and putting it back. This can be foreshadowing to the King being evil. Lastly,when Huck realized that he stopped by Tom Sawyer’s house and said he was Tom Sawyer. This was important because this family captured Jim and it led to Tom saying that he could help Huck save Jim. This shows that both guys are growing. The new characters in this story that we meet is Peter Wilks, Silas Phelps and Aunt Sally. For Peter Wilks, we just learn that he had money which was supposed to go his family. Then we just learn that Silas Phelps has Jim which is Tom Sawyer’s uncle. We have Aunt Sally which Tom kisses and she is shocked and she believes that slaves are not human. The characters that have a lot of further development in this story is Huck, Tom, and Aunt Sally. Huck’s development is through his maturity of trying to save Jim even though he believes that will lead him to hell. Tom’s development can also be maturity because Tom has relatives that believes that slaves are basically lower than humans but yet here is Tom willing to also risk his life to help Jim, a slave. The farm by Phelps is a slave plantation where he has a church and schoolhouse. Twain uses this to show society, Phelps might look like a good person because he has a church but yet he has slaves and has a wicked heart. So basically, Twain uses this as hypocrisy of society. I honestly believe that Huck is going to save Jim but I feel like Tom is going to turn his back on Huck and Jim. I say this because Tom seems almost too good and he is so close with his family.  My prediction is that Huck is going to save Jim, Tom is going to do something terrible but they end up escaping and being free.

AR Book 2 City of Bones

This is another series I absolutely love. It isn’t one of my favorites but it is still pretty good. I’ve already read this book before, but I think that was around freshman year. I decided I wanted to read it again since Trinity and I always talk about it. While reading it I fell in love with the whole concept of the book all over again. I love the character development, the back story, the plot, everything. One of the characters, Jace, has always been one of my favorite male characters in a book. I found him different then most guys in a series, which mad me like him even more. In a way, this series is similar to the Harry Potter series. (This is a giant stretch but i don’t know they seem similar to each other in a way to me) That is why I like it so much I think. I’m not really sure what else to right about besides the fact that I just like how this is a series I can reread without getting sick of it. 

AR Book 1 Quarantine book 4

When I heard that the fourth book of the Quarantine series was coming out I was beyond excited. This is my absolute favorite series (besides Harry Potter of course). I was really anxious to find out how Dylan is surviving without his younger brother Will. I was also curious to see what the actually outside life is like since we’ve been so focused on how the kids are surviving in the school. The beginning of the book started really interesting because you got a lot of insight on the character…. For example, we got to see how he survived in the school and how he is as an individual. We got to figure him out more since we knew so little about him in the first three books. I’ve always loved these books because of the thriller and the way the author portrays the end of the world. I find it super interesting how only people under 18 survive and to see how kids react with no adults around. I don’t really know what else to say without giving away spoilers and I don’t really want to repeat myself. Although I really liked this book, it ins’t my favorite in the whole series. I honestly really liked the first and second book. The third one was good because a lot of drama happened, but I liked the first and second because they really went into depth about the way the kids survived.

Blog 22

My thoughts on the characters, the king and the Duke, are that they are just compulsive liars who will do anything to get their way. I feel like their purpose in this novel is to show us how dedicated Huck is Jim. I think there was a little bit of foreshadowing in the last four chapters with the Duke writing that handbill or whatever talking about Jim. I feel like soon someone will discover it is Jim and then we get to see Huck’s reaction and if he is really true to Jim. We all know that Huck cares for him, but in the beginning of the book we discovered that Huck doesn’t like getting in trouble and will do anything to get out of it, so will this be the same case here? I don’t really think the King and the Duke have a bigger role in this, but to just show us what Jim means to Huck and how far one will go for the other.

Blog 21

My thoughts on Huck Finn so far are pretty good, I actually like the story as of right now. Some parts can be slow and boring , but once you get past those then it can be pretty interesting. Honestly, I was expecting to completely hate this book before we started it. All I can remember is last year hearing all the juniors complain about reading it, so I thought it was going to be a terrible read. Now I realize that they just hated having to read it for homework instead of the book. For the most part I think it’s pretty interesting, it’s definitely different from the usual books I read, which I guess is a nice change. In all honesty, i’m not really sure what I like most about this book. For some reason I just enjoy reading it. I have a gut feeling that the book is going to get way better once we get further into it, at least i’m hoping it does.