Blog 29

In Citizen Kane the “American Dream” is revealed by him becoming rich and successful throughout his newspaper business. In Death of a Salesman it is revealed by Loman’s constant thrive for success, no matter if it’s with his boys or with himself. I think the message viewers should take from these is that family is more important than success. In Citizen Kane his whole issue was that he was separated from his mother and to hide that pain his created a very successful newspaper company and became rich. In Death of a Salesman Loman focused so much on his work and success that he pushed his family away and eventually when the dementia kicked in he pushed them away even more with being rude and ruining his relationship with everyone. I think the messages are still relevant today because you see a lot of people picking things over family or money over family, for example, high paying jobs that allow very little time at home. One deciding factor for applying to jobs is the pay, some people pick the amount of money they are receiving over how much time they can spend at home.

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