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My initial reaction to the poem “Song of Myself” was kind of confusing,like all poetry we ever read in any class ever. After I read it a couple times it made a little more sense, but still was a little weird. Like I do not get why he is writing what I have read so far. It is still a little confusing and weird. I believe that the author is a self confident person. He says “What I assume you shall assume” and that he will never be forgotten once he leaves or retires or what ever he means. He seems to know that he gets off task easy because he always gets lost in his thoughts. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. It could be good. He is also self confident because he says his health is perfect at 37 years old. I do not like this because he is talking about him self and I do not know him so I do not really care. Also it makes it harder to understand if it is about him. No one knows there self other than your actual self. therefore this makes it harder to read. What I did like about the poem is that he talks pretty good about him self and, it is okay to be a little cocky. If you are a little cocky you have self confidence. Which is a good thing to have. If you are sad that means you do not like your self and are just a downy. That is boring to be. It is all connected because they all are things about what he says about him self so this is part of transcendentalism. It would be easier to write about my self because I know my self. But it would be hard because I would not want to sound to cocky. I might write about the sports I play or something, not to sure. Overall I do not like this poem or any poetry.Image result for lightning mcqueen memes

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