AR #2 Q4 – McGarry

So since i was able to take an AR test on Huck Finn, i only had to do this one book which i chose to be Twilight. The only reason i chose this book is because my mom and i used to read these books every night when i was younger so i decided to reread the first one so i could get these AR points. To begin again i will start off with telling you a little bit about the book and then i’ll go on with how it relates to myself. Bella is the main character who moves to a new school where she sees a kid named edward which, along with his family, is a vampire. she continues to struggle daily and edward finally makes a shot and begins to talk and hangout with her but her hometown friend Jacob is without her knowledge, a werewolf. these are two very important factors in the story. it’s a back and forth battle the entire story until bella eventually gets put a critical situation with another vampire named James. Edward and his family show up to where bella is left alone with james and fights off james and kills him for attacking her. Now, this relates to my life in multiple ways. first, i had to move to this school when i was younger and i was very alone just like bella was when she first moved. after a little while a girl that goes to our school still today, came into my life and has been with me for quite awhile now. I’m sorry this is really all i have for this blog i’m really trying to get these last minute points that are crucial. thank you for letting me still turn this in today even though it was last week when i wasn’t here.

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