AR #2 Q4 – McGarry

So since i was able to take an AR test on Huck Finn, i only had to do this one book which i chose to be Twilight. The only reason i chose this book is because my mom and i used to read these books every night when i was younger so i decided to reread the first one so i could get these AR points. To begin again i will start off with telling you a little bit about the book and then i’ll go on with how it relates to myself. Bella is the main character who moves to a new school where she sees a kid named edward which, along with his family, is a vampire. she continues to struggle daily and edward finally makes a shot and begins to talk and hangout with her but her hometown friend Jacob is without her knowledge, a werewolf. these are two very important factors in the story. it’s a back and forth battle the entire story until bella eventually gets put a critical situation with another vampire named James. Edward and his family show up to where bella is left alone with james and fights off james and kills him for attacking her. Now, this relates to my life in multiple ways. first, i had to move to this school when i was younger and i was very alone just like bella was when she first moved. after a little while a girl that goes to our school still today, came into my life and has been with me for quite awhile now. I’m sorry this is really all i have for this blog i’m really trying to get these last minute points that are crucial. thank you for letting me still turn this in today even though it was last week when i wasn’t here.

Blog #29 – McGarry

Well, I’m about tired of these blogs. I was really hoping we wouldn’t have another one after blog 28 let alone one that is 600 words. It was truly a setback to my paradise feeling in class lately. But, anyway back to what the blog has to be done specifically about. In both stories i think that there is a big idea of American Dream in the way both Kane and Willy view life and feel destined to do something. For the theme, I feel money gets in the way of things and less important things cover up more important things in life. Both of these are a huge theme in the work especially where less important things cover up the more important. It is still relevant today without a doubt i mean if you watch the movie you can clearly see that there are so many similarities with today’s world. I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to write about for another 400 words i mean i’ve basically answered all of the questions and i just need to include all these extra words that i don’t feel is honestly needed to get the point of my blog across. i guess i’m just going to wrap it up and turn it in with around 250 words because i can’t think of anything else to write. 

Blog #28 – McGarry

I didn’t really like this movie too much mostly because it wasn’t very suspenseful until it got closer to the end. The black and white theme of the movie really just killed my vibe about it and I was basically done. On top of that, we had a split schedule almost the entire week we watched this movie and I only had this class like 2 or 3 times which made it even worse trying to regroup and find out where we were at and what events had just happened. In school you really cant get around that though because of having a 42 minute period everyday. Besides all of that, Charles is an interesting man but also sad I feel. His issue is when he tries hard to find love and love others but once he gets his wealth he doesn’t feel loved and after reading a couple other people’s responses I believe they feel the same way. I think the flashback that was most revealing is when Charles is seen as sad and in the movie he looks the same way he does in the flashback. 

Blog #27 – McGarry

Well, the poem I enjoyed the most was probably the one that we went over in class by Ezra Pound. The poem itself is only 2 lines long and it really can’t get much shorter than that but, the meaning of the 2 lines is outstanding. You could go on and on about the work of the poem and why it was written to be so short. Initially the poem was a lot longer than this but when Ezra decided to send it to Mark Twain for some editing on it, the poem got shorter. Every time Pound wanted to edit the poem it got shorter and shorter and Twain kept pointing out mistakes on it until it was down to the last 2 lines that he believed made the most logical point out of the entire work. This poem is definitely my favorite all around but not even because it is a short one, it actually makes sense after analyzing and going over it in class. It overall in all ways just has a solid point, the words used are so intelligent but so understandable after reviewing and it just makes everything simpler. 

Blog #25 -McGarry

  • To start off with, this project has been a pain in the ass. me and my group had to first come up with a unique way to make a project for this assignment which alone is hard and group projects make everything more complicated. so after we decided we were making a board game, it was time to make the pieces and details along with information on two themes that i chose to write about. after this it began to get a little bit easier with making the actual project itself with the materials. my expectation for the final product is to get a solid grade on this so we can get a good start to 4th marking period grades…”Rappaccini’s Daughter” is rather interesting but very hard to understand from the way it’s written. on the other hand with Hawthorne’s belief about man being the cause of his own problems, i do support this because i feel we all make mistakes but realistically whether it’s mistake or not, we all take action on ourselves and how our own lives go with choices we make. so yes i do think it’s true without a doubt you just need to understand how it applies to us in that way. 

Blog #24 – McGarry

Wow, this was one of the shortest novels I’ve ever read in school. It was overall a long written story but at the pace we read we finished in fairly quickly which i enjoyed. It started off somewhat annoying to me but then it began to get more and more interesting to me which was great because i normally don’t like reading at all. it did an amazing job showing themes throughout the plot unlike other novels i’ve read. the last couple chapters of the book were rather strange but appealing at the same time which is why i wouldn’t change anything about it. Twain is very unique with his writing and the way he makes his points in the novel and there isn’t really anyway you can be “like” him in writing. You have to be Twain in order to write like Twain. This novel still applies to our society today in some ways within the relationship between Huck and Jim. The way these characters change emotionally and mentally is very common to like today and how they mature. 

Blog #23 – McGarry

To begin with, in chapter thirty, the biggest conflict i picked up on was the Duke and Dauphin’s conflict. throughout the entire time we have known these characters through the story they have been working together when they con people but then they end up going against each other. they have been conning everyone and then all of a sudden they become enemies. afterwards they make up but i did find it odd that they were partners and then all of a sudden go against each other. i feel twain did this with the characters on purpose just to add another event that would cause conflict between the two characters that have been together. another thing that i noticed through these chapters of 30-33 is that Huck is finally turning into a young man. his maturity and his overall understanding of more delicate situations are respected and taken more seriously than at the beginning of the story when he wouldn’t take blame for anything he had done. for example the snake bite in the house was a big one for Huck due to the fact that he was even questioned about it and still didn’t own up to it and now he is speaking like an adult as well. Along with Huck maturing, he is not the only one. tom sawyer is also one that has matured when it comes to supporting and helping. he chooses to support Huck in protecting Jim instead of getting all upset about it. in my opinion, i think overall throughout this story a lot of characters personalities as well as emotions have changed and have caused a positive outcome in the end of each event. i have a feeling that in the end something will go wrong due to all of the lies Huck has been telling that he will get caught doing it in someway. It’s just too unrealistic for everything to go right.

AR Blog #1 Q3 – McGarry

  1. For my first book I chose to do Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban. This book is, just like the others, a sequel to the book before. It revolves mainly around Harry and his family Serius Black. He is pointed toward as a criminal in the wizarding world by the people. Harry, being the bright and intelligent caring kid he is, looks out for  Serius and helps him pursue his life and tries to have people recognize there is nothing wrong with him. This goes on throughtout the entire story until the end when they discover that Serius has been disguised as a werewolf the whole time around Hogwarts. He is revealed and Harry is the one to be pointed at as the assistant of him. At the end, the wizards and witches see who he truly is and why Harry was helping him the whole time. This book reflects off of my life in a way because I have a family member, my cousin actually, who is always looked at as a criminal and a bad person who really isn’t. He’s very intelligent and is always ending up with the wrong people at the wrong time. We’ve been going through this cycle for years now and when I say years I mean like at least ten years. It all ended after he graduated and we lost touch and stopped communicating, he fell in with bad people. I couldn’t pull him out and show who he really is like Harry did with Serius. The book relates to my life in a negative way which necessarily isn’t a bad thing because it’s a lesson in a way. I probably won’t help him or anyone again with providing support and throwing myself out there to help them succeed and to show people they aren’t awful like they’re made out to be.

Blog #22 – McGarry

After reading chapters 19-22, I don’t like the King and Duke at all. First off, as soon as I found out they were frauds and were lying about everything they said to me and my friend, I would get away from them immediately. It’s pretty common for people of this kind with this mentality to lead you in the wrong direction and to get you in trouble. If you invest your time into people like this it will only be bad for you and that is why I don’t like them right off the start due to the fact that Huck found out they were lying to him. Huck chose to just blow it off and deal with them for the time being instead of calling them out on the lies, he figured in his best interest as well as Jim’s, that he would just let it ride. Twain felt that he needed to include these types of characters in the story to twist things up and to show what kind of people Huck and Jim are and how they would react to the King and Duke. Emotions are a big role to play in this story as we have already seen in the first twenty chapters. Twain always has a strange way of bringing out the reality of characters in stories and representing who they really are.

Blog #21 – McGarry

Huckleberry Finn, I could describe this book as either better or worse than I expected. It is definitely a lot different than what I expected mostly in a good way because normally books assigned in school are boring to me. After the first week with this book and reading 14 chapters already, it’s incredible how much more into it I am than I thought I’d be at the start of the book. I basically judged the book by it’s cover when I told myself it would be another boring school story that we were obligated to read in order to get points but now it’s more like I’m interested. Today we went over questions people had from chapters 1-14 and it got my attention without a doubt and you answering them in depth drew even more attention and interest from which I don’t know how I could be any more interested, which I was, but it helped me out a lot. So far Huck and Jim seem somewhat like brothers to me and it reminds me of my friends and I when we were younger in a sort of way because we had our own tree house thing that we would hangout in and when we would leave that club house we would live by a quote that was similar to Las Vegas, which may not be a good thing, but it was “what happens in the club house, stays in the club house” and it was our own little world. We did whatever we wanted and the club house was an inspiration to us where we went when we wanted to get out of our real lives. It’s almost exactly like Huck and Jim in the story with the float on the river. So to conclude, I am enjoying this book more than I thought I would and I hope it stays this way.