Virtues Experiment

Over the course of the week and weekend I have been tracking what I have been doing. And the results for the virtues that I have, and have not broken are to me a little bit surprising. Just to refresh the 15 virtues were: industry, order, resolution, patience, sincerity, justice, tolerance, diversity, humility, cleanliness, moderation, silence, tranquility, frugality, temperance, and lastly chastity. Some of the obvious virtues I broke was temperance and patience. I broke the temperance by eating too much one night because the food was so good. Also I broke patience by not being patient when I was waiting for the washing machine to go off in our house, and got angry over it. A virtue I did not break surprisingly was order. I am not the type of person to usually keep my things in order. But, this week I kept my things order, thoughts and actions combine and I genuinely surprised myself with this one. Another virtue that I broke was cleanliness. As disgusting as it may seem I did break it, and I am kinda ashamed of it. I did not shower for two days straight, and that now I feel even more ashamed for stating it to everybody. Also one virtue I did not break was obviously the chastity virtue. I felt like that would be a easy virtue not to break. Not trying to say anything, but that was my train of thought going through the week. So this of experimenting was a fun and challenging experience for many reasons, but that is besides the fact. Franklin’s virtues were surprisingly applicable to our society today, and many people break and follow them. But they important if you like it or not.

Fair Week Is Whack :( (blog 4)

So, you want me to type a blog on the glorious thing we call the Bloomsburg Fair, and a experience I have had over the years I have gone to that magnificent place. Well I have many stories to tell you, and the other people on this blog site, but one in particular jumps out at me. I will tell you the story on one condition, and the condition is that this story does not leave this blog site or your mind for the rest of time. Ok, so here we go this story starts on the outside of the fair when I meet up with some of my friends so we could walk around inside of the fair and stuff. So, we get into the fair and meet up with even more people, and we start to walk around finally after talking each other’s ear off about stupid stuff. We get to walking around, and one of my friend’s tells me that there might be a fight going down near the barns and they wanted to go see what would happen. So, I tagged along to see what would happen because I was honestly interested at the time (its beyond me why I was interested, but I was). To my surprise, there was an actual fight going on between a group of people that seem a little on the shady side, but we stayed and watched for some reason. The two main people were going at it, and all of a sudden somebody comes out of no where and rocks me in the side of the head for no reason. After I got rocked in the head, we left the scene of the crime and enjoyed the rest of our time at the fair. Besides me because I had to clean up my nose.

Blog 3: Defend The Theme at all costs

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Another blog to start off this glorious year of education at Bloomsburg Area High School, and this one is about defending the theme to one of my favorite films. The film is choose to select for this project and or blog is John Wick: Chapter 2. I choose this film because I really enjoyed the film as a whole, and it has some interesting themes presented throughout the whole film, and beyond it. Alright, so you want to know what the main theme of the movie is and I can tell you that in a couple of quick words and or sentences. So, here it is, I think the theme of the film of John Wick: Chapter 2 is ‘Whenever you think you are at the ending point in your career, it will always come back to you eventually even harder.’.I say this because John Wick, which is the protagonist of the movie, is ever thinking of retiring throughout the film. His prior enemies come back even harder, and Wick comes back with a vengeance.

Blog 2: Notes Notes Notes

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Another blog for this year already, man these come left and right throughout the whole year. This here blog is specifically about the short story notes we took all this week, and the last days of last week. So, with that being said let’s have a deep conversation (not really) about these here notes shall we? Alrighty, about these notes. They are the basic things that you need to have in order to make, and or write a short story or film of any kind. These notes did kind of change the way I look at stories and films as well. In terms of how I analyze, and predict what is going to happen. To how characters are going to react in a certain situation throughout the whole sequence of events. Also, how setting can a BIG factor in how the story/film is going to pan out. One story that I can think of to show how these notes apply is a film known as “The Blind Side”. The notes apply to this film in many different ways and factors. One factor being of how setting plays a big factor in how the characters react, and how they act in that specific setting. These notes do make me change the way I look at this film, but in a good way. Like how I can understand everything better from a better standpoint other than just watching it, and judging it wether it looks good or not. One last thing you asked me to type or write about is how my second week was compared to my first of this lovely school. Well to start off, it was exactly the same as it was this week, compared to last week ( like, to a T). Well, that is another blog down for this year, and once again, this is Austin T Galler. Have a good one.

Blog 1: Another Day, Another Nickel

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Another year, another blog post to start off this glorious year of education. Personally, shouldn’t have slacked off last year like an idiot, but terms comes to terms, and I have to retake this class known as American Literature 11. Apart from that, I have to blog about my first week in this institution known as Bloomsburg Area High School. To start off, my week started off pretty solid with all the same first day crap like: classroom expectations, rules, and the dang syllabus. Second day was alright, we got into the swing of things like some little assignments and notes. Then, by the third day things became ugly (not really though). Some of the teachers decided to assign the thing we hate most about school, and that is called homework. But, in the end you get it completed, and you get a good grade and everybody is happy in the long run. Also can not forget the practises I have to attend after school every day. Then the football game rolls around on friday, and I am the most ecstatic person you could ever be at any moment in your lifetime. But, in the end we end up losing unfortunately, but we keep our heads held high and keep working hard throughout this week to prepare for Southern. Besides my first week, another question I have to answer for you is what is my favorite story/storyline. My personal favorite story/storyline ever, is the storyline behind the movie “The Blindside”. Just the hardships that Michael Oher goes through, and he makes it out of the ghettos and finds a nice family. Also, he excels at the sport of football at the same time, and becomes a professional football player in the National Football League. It leaves me speechless everytime I watch the movie. That will wrap it up for this blog, until next time Austin Thomas Galler out.

Blog 29

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What do we have here today ladies, and gentlemen. It is an other blog that is due, and this one again is a doozie. This blog is one the films known as “Citizen Kane”, and “Death of a Salesman”, and how the main characters in these films have struggles throughout there lifetimes. So, sit back and relax, and enjoy your daily blog written by your friendly neighborhood boy Austin Thomas Galler, enjoy. “Citizen Kane” and “Death of a Salesman” in some way, shape, or form impose the way of how there main characters think about the quote on quote “American Dream”. In the film “Citizen Kane”, the movie reveals Charles Foster Kane’s vision of the “American Dream” through a flashback during the film.¬†Charles’ “American Dream” is to live this grand life, and to share his wealth with people all over the world, to satisfy everybody no matter what their situation or walk of life. In the film of “Death of a Salesman”, the movie reveals Willie Loman vision of the “American Dream” through his actions during the film. Willie pick the wrong profession to be in life, and it slowly killed him throughout the whole film. Willie was really, really good with his hands and what I mean by that is that he was really really good at home improvement. No matter what the job was, Willie Loman could do it, and I think Willie just wanted to do what he loved and that was being a construction worker. That was his quote on quote “American Dream”. Next, the themes of the works presented. In my opinion “Citizen Kane”, and “Death of a Salesman” both have very deep meanings behind them. So, with that said here we go. I think the theme of the film “Citizen Kane” is that of ‘Money Can Not Buy You Happiness’. I say this because Charles Foster Kane was the wealthiest man in the world during the film, and he was the saddest man in the whole wide world. He did not know what to do with his life, and it kind of sadden me watching his down fall throughout the whole progression of the film. The theme that comes to mind when I watch “Death of a Salesman” is ‘Man’s Inability to Accept Change Within Himself and Society’. I say this because Willie Loman did not know what to do with his life after he got fired from his salesman, because he was conforming with society by just giving up, and just blaming everybody else for your mistakes instead of just taking the blame. I know the themes of these films are what they are because they can apply to people in our society today in more ways than none, and people should watch these films to take the same message away that I did to help there way of life. I say the messages apply today, because they really really do apply to our society today in many ways. First, almost everybody in this crooked thinks that money can buy them a life full of happiness, and nine time out of ten that is not the case at all. Second, a man’s inability to accept change within himself and society, is found EVERYWHERE in our society today. For example, a person may have a new invention, and wants to show it off somewhere to a bunch of people. But, this person does not show off this invention because a big name company comes out with the same exact thing and this person just conforms with society. That is just a few examples out of the hundreds I can think out about this very subject we have talking about in class for the past couple weeks. So, in conclusion this is how I interpret the films of “Citizen Kane”, and “Death of a Salesman”. Thank you all for reading, and good night.

Blog 28

Another one of these things we call “blogs” for on of the last times this year, and this one is a doozie. This blog is on the film called “Citizen Kane”, and this film is an example of how far along movie making has come since the beginning. My reaction to “Citizen Kane” is really, really surprised actually. I say that because the film surprised me by how intricate, and intertwined everything was in the movie. Also how the film developed each and every character throughout the whole film. Onto the next question, “What do you think of ¬†Charles?”, and “What is his problem?”. First off, I think Charles Foster Kane was a visionary for his time. He started up a newspaper service from the bottom and became one of the best ever, also he was into politics which makes him a very very smart man. What I think his problem was though, well that is a whole other story to tell. I think his problem was that he was not able to deal with stress, and he felt that he had no one to help him through this time of hardship. Also, he could not just stay with one person for his whole life. He went from wife to wife, and it would happen the same way every time he was with one of them. He would love them at first, then have countless arguments with them. Lastly, he would just cheat on that woman with an other woman. Jeez this man was a player if I have ever seen one before in my life. Lastly, which character’s flashback was the most revealing of Kane’s character and why. Well, I think the first flashback to when he was a boy was the most revealing. I say that because Kane just wanted to stay in his mother and father’s care to deal with the hardships he was going through as a child. But, as soon as he let another person in to his life, he just got even more upset and becoming more distant to the things he loves in life.

Blog 27

Another day, another blog. So here we go, imagism poems from the presentations in class. Personally, my favorite poem out of the bunch is “The Red Wheelbarrow” because it was short and simple, also had a deep meaning behind it after analyzing it. But, out of the poems that our groups presented, I think that the poem that Callie presented was the best one present imagism as a whole. Because it used very precise language, but not to difficult to read, and it gave me a very good image in my mind throughout the whole poem.

Blog 25

Our project for Huck Finn is a fantastic idea for it in general. Our plan for the project is to explain the themes of the novel, and then act out some skits for the class to see us representing the themes of the novel. The project meets the requirements by explaining the themes of the work, and we present them in a creative fashion and or way. My expectations for final product is that we execute our plan of acting out the skits, and that we also explain the themes of the work in a clear and complete fashion. On to another subject, Rappaccini’s Daughter also known as the story of Adam and Eve. In my opinion, I thought Rappaccini’s Daughter was a little bit difficult to understand and comprehend for me. But, I kind of understood the message of the work better than the actual story by itself. I think the message of the story was that man is responsible for the surroundings around them, and the problems that follow the through life on this and maybe even beyond this earth. I agree with what the message is trying to give to the reader because us humans are the decider of our own faith, and we choose our own path through life and that the way you life for your whole life.

Blog 23

There are some new characters in Huck Finn that I find very interesting, and I want you to know some stuff about these characters. First of all, the most important thing that happens in these chapters is when Jim gets sold by the King and Duke to the Phelps family. That forces Huck to try to rescue Jim, to help aid him on his journey to the north of the country of the United States of America. Some new characters we meet are: Silas Phelps, and his wife. Silas is a local preacher for the town, and his wife is a stay at home mom also the family owns several other slaves other than Jim. There are some things that we learn about his wife, but on thing in particular is very cold harded. They had a fire at their family farm and she said that nobody was killed in the fire, but ultimately a couple of their slaves burned to death in that fire. That is a horrible way to die, and Mrs. Phelps did not even acknowledge there death in the fire. That shows that she is cold hearted when it comes to the slaves, and also shows that she is racist. I think Huck is eventually going to break out Jim, and they will be on their merry way on their journey to the north in the United States of America.