Blog 22: 4th 25 Cent Piece IR

The author I selected for this quarter is the man by the name of Langston Hughes. I chose this author because he is a important figure in American history, and his works are world renowned. Langston his is mostly known for his poetry, and I feel that is what he should be known for. With works like “The Weary Blues”, “Let America be America Again”, and “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” Langston Hughes will forever be a great author in my mind. These poems are also interesting to me because they are about the American south during slavery times. So, Hughes reflects on views of African Americans during this time of oppression for these people, and I just find it fascinating. Langston Hughes was also a big leader during the time of the Harlem Renaissance along with other authors like Claude Mckay, Zora Neale Hurston, and Jessie Redmon Fauset. Langston Hughes was a great man, and author for his time period. And that is why I chose him to be my author for the fourth quarter.

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