blog 18: Fear of Heights by Alfred Hitchcock

The film “Vertigo” by Alfred Hitchcock is a very intriguing, and mind numbing experience. Alfred Hitchcock uses elements of plot, and setting to set the mood and tone throughout the film. In my opinion “Vertigo” was one of the best movies I have ever seen in my lifetime. The way the movie used almost everything in the whole environment, and used it in the movie in some way, shape, or form. And to me that is incredible how Hitchcock uses that in this film. First off, the movie is set in a the great city of San Francisco, California. That is a great setting because it sets the scene for how Scotty is afraid of heights, and how he overcomes his fear of heights. Second, the way the characters develop over the movie is pretty cool also. Scotty for example is told just to follow Gavin’s wife around just to see what she is up to. But in the end Scotty becomes attracted to Gavin’s wife Madeline, and falls madly in love with her. Also Madeline, her whole part in the movie just messes with my mind in general. At first, she is just acting weird and pretending to be a dead mistress named Carlotta. But in the end she is killed in cold blood, and she is being played as a woman named Judy throughout the whole movie. In conclusion, the film “Vertigo” by Alfred Hitchcock is a great mind numbing experience, and in my opinion is probably the greatest movie I have seen in my lifetime.

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