Blog 18: Whitman’s Song

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Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself” is just a mish mashed pile of crap, that he threw together throughout his whole entire life. Just kidding, that is not true. Because, I feel like, that he was a very devoted man to his cause. And his cause was to try to make people better, and try to create a unified society. When we were talking about the poem, I was intrigued of how Whitman wove together the whole poem stanza by stanza. Also, how you were interpreting it as well (speaking to McGarry here). The section that I probably found most interesting, besides my own, was probably the first section. I say this because it is the start of the journey through life with Walt Whitman, and beyond the first section he explains everything that is going on in his mind. No matter how simple it is. You said people have called this the most influential American poem ever written, and I can see where people are coming from. Because Whitman speaks to the people through his writings, and he also reaches out to people. Trying to influence them, even beyond his days on this earth. The poem also applies to our society today in some ways. Whitman believes that all people are naturally good. Some people in our society think all people are naturally good. I honestly have no questions about this poem because this is the second time I have been through this, and I am pretty sure I have a good grasp on this beast of a poem.

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