Blog 8

My first reaction to this poem was that I was a little confused, but that’s usually how it is until we get farther into the poem then I can put the pieces together. And I really liked how it was set up because it adds a sense of emotion and it deepens the mood. This poem is about, I believe, a person lost in their own life trying to make a place in this world. I say this because in the poem it says, “already gone, but still remain, all alone against the world outside”. This line works with my synopsis due to how you can break this down. So in this line when it says, “already gone, but still remain” this mean like the person is “invisible” to those around him, and doesn’t have any friends. Then the last part of that line “all alone against the world outside” is kind of the context clue for the first part because when I mentioned this person is “invisible” so then you create the picture that this person doesn’t know his path in life and just fighting to have a purpose. The allusion “dynamo of night” would have to be the one that helps me understand the poem because as the definition of conformity presents this guy is just going through the motions of life by complying with the standards or rules. But it also comes back to that I do not really understand the allusions itself so I just read the poem and don’t take into account that these are allusions. So otherwise, that’s how I perceived this poem.

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