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The experience for me writing poetry wasn’t as bad as I thought, in fact it’s really not that hard. But when it comes to reading poetry I have no intent to actually break it down and find the meaning unless it comes right out to me, but since I’m in school you gotta do it. And with doing those sound and sense questions they really weren’t that bad because everything is outlined for you so all you have to do is just focus and it’s not that bad, but when it comes to poems that are really complex and frustrating it just makes me want to throw my surface pro out a window. When it comes to writing poetry I have to have some type of rhyme scheme because then it allows me to just flow right through the stanza, it also comes to that I don’t necessarily know how free verse goes so to me trying to grasp the concept of free verse is just not worth it to me. So like I said when it comes to writing poetry like we did in class it’s not too bad it’s just fact of trying to get started, but after that than I’m usually pretty good and can just do it myself . And I’d say I don’t like it or dislike it because I could never just write poems on my down time it’s just not what I do. So when we need a rhythmic pattern that’s what was probably the hardest part for me to do because you need to really pay attention to what words you use and if it’s over the intended amount of syllables then you have to reread and just keep changing stuff around.

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