Virtues Experiment

Over the course of the week and weekend I have been tracking what I have been doing. And the results for the virtues that I have, and have not broken are to me a little bit surprising. Just to refresh the 15 virtues were: industry, order, resolution, patience, sincerity, justice, tolerance, diversity, humility, cleanliness, moderation, silence, tranquility, frugality, temperance, and lastly chastity. Some of the obvious virtues I broke was temperance and patience. I broke the temperance by eating too much one night because the food was so good. Also I broke patience by not being patient when I was waiting for the washing machine to go off in our house, and got angry over it. A virtue I did not break surprisingly was order. I am not the type of person to usually keep my things in order. But, this week I kept my things order, thoughts and actions combine and I genuinely surprised myself with this one. Another virtue that I broke was cleanliness. As disgusting as it may seem I did break it, and I am kinda ashamed of it. I did not shower for two days straight, and that now I feel even more ashamed for stating it to everybody. Also one virtue I did not break was obviously the chastity virtue. I felt like that would be a easy virtue not to break. Not trying to say anything, but that was my train of thought going through the week. So this of experimenting was a fun and challenging experience for many reasons, but that is besides the fact. Franklin’s virtues were surprisingly applicable to our society today, and many people break and follow them. But they important if you like it or not.

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