Fair Week Is Whack :( (blog 4)

So, you want me to type a blog on the glorious thing we call the Bloomsburg Fair, and a experience I have had over the years I have gone to that magnificent place. Well I have many stories to tell you, and the other people on this blog site, but one in particular jumps out at me. I will tell you the story on one condition, and the condition is that this story does not leave this blog site or your mind for the rest of time. Ok, so here we go this story starts on the outside of the fair when I meet up with some of my friends so we could walk around inside of the fair and stuff. So, we get into the fair and meet up with even more people, and we start to walk around finally after talking each other’s ear off about stupid stuff. We get to walking around, and one of my friend’s tells me that there might be a fight going down near the barns and they wanted to go see what would happen. So, I tagged along to see what would happen because I was honestly interested at the time (its beyond me why I was interested, but I was). To my surprise, there was an actual fight going on between a group of people that seem a little on the shady side, but we stayed and watched for some reason. The two main people were going at it, and all of a sudden somebody comes out of no where and rocks me in the side of the head for no reason. After I got rocked in the head, we left the scene of the crime and enjoyed the rest of our time at the fair. Besides me because I had to clean up my nose.

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