Blog 3: Defend The Theme at all costs

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Another blog to start off this glorious year of education at Bloomsburg Area High School, and this one is about defending the theme to one of my favorite films. The film is choose to select for this project and or blog is John Wick: Chapter 2. I choose this film because I really enjoyed the film as a whole, and it has some interesting themes presented throughout the whole film, and beyond it. Alright, so you want to know what the main theme of the movie is and I can tell you that in a couple of quick words and or sentences. So, here it is, I think the theme of the film of John Wick: Chapter 2 is ‘Whenever you think you are at the ending point in your career, it will always come back to you eventually even harder.’.I say this because John Wick, which is the protagonist of the movie, is ever thinking of retiring throughout the film. His prior enemies come back even harder, and Wick comes back with a vengeance.

Blog 2: Notes Notes Notes

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Another blog for this year already, man these come left and right throughout the whole year. This here blog is specifically about the short story notes we took all this week, and the last days of last week. So, with that being said let’s have a deep conversation (not really) about these here notes shall we? Alrighty, about these notes. They are the basic things that you need to have in order to make, and or write a short story or film of any kind. These notes did kind of change the way I look at stories and films as well. In terms of how I analyze, and predict what is going to happen. To how characters are going to react in a certain situation throughout the whole sequence of events. Also, how setting can a BIG factor in how the story/film is going to pan out. One story that I can think of to show how these notes apply is a film known as “The Blind Side”. The notes apply to this film in many different ways and factors. One factor being of how setting plays a big factor in how the characters react, and how they act in that specific setting. These notes do make me change the way I look at this film, but in a good way. Like how I can understand everything better from a better standpoint other than just watching it, and judging it wether it looks good or not. One last thing you asked me to type or write about is how my second week was compared to my first of this lovely school. Well to start off, it was exactly the same as it was this week, compared to last week ( like, to a T). Well, that is another blog down for this year, and once again, this is Austin T Galler. Have a good one.