Blog 1: Another Day, Another Nickel

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Another year, another blog post to start off this glorious year of education. Personally, shouldn’t have slacked off last year like an idiot, but terms comes to terms, and I have to retake this class known as American Literature 11. Apart from that, I have to blog about my first week in this institution known as Bloomsburg Area High School. To start off, my week started off pretty solid with all the same first day crap like: classroom expectations, rules, and the dang syllabus. Second day was alright, we got into the swing of things like some little assignments and notes. Then, by the third day things became ugly (not really though). Some of the teachers decided to assign the thing we hate most about school, and that is called homework. But, in the end you get it completed, and you get a good grade and everybody is happy in the long run. Also can not forget the practises I have to attend after school every day. Then the football game rolls around on friday, and I am the most ecstatic person you could ever be at any moment in your lifetime. But, in the end we end up losing unfortunately, but we keep our heads held high and keep working hard throughout this week to prepare for Southern. Besides my first week, another question I have to answer for you is what is my favorite story/storyline. My personal favorite story/storyline ever, is the storyline behind the movie “The Blindside”. Just the hardships that Michael Oher goes through, and he makes it out of the ghettos and finds a nice family. Also, he excels at the sport of football at the same time, and becomes a professional football player in the National Football League. It leaves me speechless everytime I watch the movie. That will wrap it up for this blog, until next time Austin Thomas Galler out.

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