Blog 29

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What do we have here today ladies, and gentlemen. It is an other blog that is due, and this one again is a doozie. This blog is one the films known as “Citizen Kane”, and “Death of a Salesman”, and how the main characters in these films have struggles throughout there lifetimes. So, sit back and relax, and enjoy your daily blog written by your friendly neighborhood boy Austin Thomas Galler, enjoy. “Citizen Kane” and “Death of a Salesman” in some way, shape, or form impose the way of how there main characters think about the quote on quote “American Dream”. In the film “Citizen Kane”, the movie reveals Charles Foster Kane’s vision of the “American Dream” through a flashback during the film.¬†Charles’ “American Dream” is to live this grand life, and to share his wealth with people all over the world, to satisfy everybody no matter what their situation or walk of life. In the film of “Death of a Salesman”, the movie reveals Willie Loman vision of the “American Dream” through his actions during the film. Willie pick the wrong profession to be in life, and it slowly killed him throughout the whole film. Willie was really, really good with his hands and what I mean by that is that he was really really good at home improvement. No matter what the job was, Willie Loman could do it, and I think Willie just wanted to do what he loved and that was being a construction worker. That was his quote on quote “American Dream”. Next, the themes of the works presented. In my opinion “Citizen Kane”, and “Death of a Salesman” both have very deep meanings behind them. So, with that said here we go. I think the theme of the film “Citizen Kane” is that of ‘Money Can Not Buy You Happiness’. I say this because Charles Foster Kane was the wealthiest man in the world during the film, and he was the saddest man in the whole wide world. He did not know what to do with his life, and it kind of sadden me watching his down fall throughout the whole progression of the film. The theme that comes to mind when I watch “Death of a Salesman” is ‘Man’s Inability to Accept Change Within Himself and Society’. I say this because Willie Loman did not know what to do with his life after he got fired from his salesman, because he was conforming with society by just giving up, and just blaming everybody else for your mistakes instead of just taking the blame. I know the themes of these films are what they are because they can apply to people in our society today in more ways than none, and people should watch these films to take the same message away that I did to help there way of life. I say the messages apply today, because they really really do apply to our society today in many ways. First, almost everybody in this crooked thinks that money can buy them a life full of happiness, and nine time out of ten that is not the case at all. Second, a man’s inability to accept change within himself and society, is found EVERYWHERE in our society today. For example, a person may have a new invention, and wants to show it off somewhere to a bunch of people. But, this person does not show off this invention because a big name company comes out with the same exact thing and this person just conforms with society. That is just a few examples out of the hundreds I can think out about this very subject we have talking about in class for the past couple weeks. So, in conclusion this is how I interpret the films of “Citizen Kane”, and “Death of a Salesman”. Thank you all for reading, and good night.

Blog 28

Another one of these things we call “blogs” for on of the last times this year, and this one is a doozie. This blog is on the film called “Citizen Kane”, and this film is an example of how far along movie making has come since the beginning. My reaction to “Citizen Kane” is really, really surprised actually. I say that because the film surprised me by how intricate, and intertwined everything was in the movie. Also how the film developed each and every character throughout the whole film. Onto the next question, “What do you think of ¬†Charles?”, and “What is his problem?”. First off, I think Charles Foster Kane was a visionary for his time. He started up a newspaper service from the bottom and became one of the best ever, also he was into politics which makes him a very very smart man. What I think his problem was though, well that is a whole other story to tell. I think his problem was that he was not able to deal with stress, and he felt that he had no one to help him through this time of hardship. Also, he could not just stay with one person for his whole life. He went from wife to wife, and it would happen the same way every time he was with one of them. He would love them at first, then have countless arguments with them. Lastly, he would just cheat on that woman with an other woman. Jeez this man was a player if I have ever seen one before in my life. Lastly, which character’s flashback was the most revealing of Kane’s character and why. Well, I think the first flashback to when he was a boy was the most revealing. I say that because Kane just wanted to stay in his mother and father’s care to deal with the hardships he was going through as a child. But, as soon as he let another person in to his life, he just got even more upset and becoming more distant to the things he loves in life.