Blog 27

Another day, another blog. So here we go, imagism poems from the presentations in class. Personally, my favorite poem out of the bunch is “The Red Wheelbarrow” because it was short and simple, also had a deep meaning behind it after analyzing it. But, out of the poems that our groups presented, I think that the poem that Callie presented was the best one present imagism as a whole. Because it used very precise language, but not to difficult to read, and it gave me a very good image in my mind throughout the whole poem.

Blog 25

Our project for Huck Finn is a fantastic idea for it in general. Our plan for the project is to explain the themes of the novel, and then act out some skits for the class to see us representing the themes of the novel. The project meets the requirements by explaining the themes of the work, and we present them in a creative fashion and or way. My expectations for final product is that we execute our plan of acting out the skits, and that we also explain the themes of the work in a clear and complete fashion. On to another subject, Rappaccini’s Daughter also known as the story of Adam and Eve. In my opinion, I thought Rappaccini’s Daughter was a little bit difficult to understand and comprehend for me. But, I kind of understood the message of the work better than the actual story by itself. I think the message of the story was that man is responsible for the surroundings around them, and the problems that follow the through life on this and maybe even beyond this earth. I agree with what the message is trying to give to the reader because us humans are the decider of our own faith, and we choose our own path through life and that the way you life for your whole life.

Blog 23

There are some new characters in Huck Finn that I find very interesting, and I want you to know some stuff about these characters. First of all, the most important thing that happens in these chapters is when Jim gets sold by the King and Duke to the Phelps family. That forces Huck to try to rescue Jim, to help aid him on his journey to the north of the country of the United States of America. Some new characters we meet are: Silas Phelps, and his wife. Silas is a local preacher for the town, and his wife is a stay at home mom also the family owns several other slaves other than Jim. There are some things that we learn about his wife, but on thing in particular is very cold harded. They had a fire at their family farm and she said that nobody was killed in the fire, but ultimately a couple of their slaves burned to death in that fire. That is a horrible way to die, and Mrs. Phelps did not even acknowledge there death in the fire. That shows that she is cold hearted when it comes to the slaves, and also shows that she is racist. I think Huck is eventually going to break out Jim, and they will be on their merry way on their journey to the north in the United States of America.

Blog 24: Huck Fin

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is probably one of the best, or the best novel I have ever read in my short time on this planet Earth so far. To clarify what I just said, here are some to back up that statement I just made. First, the story takes place in the south during the time when slavery was a issue. To me, that is a great setting for a novel because that is very interesting to me. Also the story’s characters in the novel play their part perfectly to a T. The novel also accomplishes many thing when it comes to theme. It totally nails the maturity theme right on the head, with Huck maturing slowly throughout the whole entire novel until the end. Another theme it nail was the slavery theme, because Jim was constantly followed by slave catchers and was trying to be sold to other slave owners throughout the whole novel as well. The last couple chapters in the book for me made me wanting another book to go along with The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. To be honest, I would not change a thing about the last few chapters if the novel because they played out sooo well with the story at hand. With saying that, there are some things that you can take from this story and learn from it. Like to treat others like how you wanted to be treated. Also this novel can apply to our society in many ways, like how maturing. Some people in our society to mature more because life is going to catch up to them real quick, and they are not going to see it coming to them at all. So in conclusion, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is probably the greatest novel I have ever read in my short time on this planet.