Blog 20

Infographics, infographics, infographics. Man, these things are a pain in my butt to make in my opinion. The process to making these so called fancy pictures to me is a hassle. When it comes to the research, you have to dig into the depths of the internet, and only find the very best information possible and only use that great info. Because if you have bad info, your infographic will not turn out the way you want it to turn out. next, the design of your infographic is a key part of it. Because if your infographic does not catch the eye of the reader or viewer of your product, they will just skip right over it. The only kind of positive thing about creating the infographic was that it was a little bit fun about researching a specific topic, and putting the information you found into a picture format. Alright, on to the next subject…SNOWMAGEDDON! Snow days to me are a little bit boring to be honest. The reason I say that it is boring because, I all I really do on a snow day is sit inside all day, and stare at the TV while my brain melts from watching TV. On a good snow day everyone of my friends come together, and we do something in the snow. Like for example sledding, and having snowball fights.

Blog 19: Satire

I have much experience with satire and humor in general. I feel like satire and humor plays a big role in society today. Just take a look at all the big comedians in society today. They are multi millionaires, and are looked up to by thousands or maybe millions of people on the daily. In my opinion, the best kind of humor I enjoy is sarcasm and others kinds like it. The reason why sarcasm is the best is simple. Anyone could be sarcastic, and make a simple joke out of something sarcastic, or anything sarcastic in nature. There are plenty examples of sarcasm around you everyday. For example, you could make an obvious statement that everybody knows, and someone out of nowhere comes up with a smart ass comment. that is a prime example of sarcasm in your daily life. But one the most famous satirists was Mark Twain. To be honest, I did not know that Mark Twain was a satirist. I thought he was just an author and poet, but my assumption was obviously incorrect. Twain was also known as a humorist, writer, publisher, lecturer, and a entrepreneur. Mark Twain truly was an artist for his time, and expanded his view on society and he bettered it as a whole. One of his famous works/books was “Huckleberry and Finn”. Which changed how people write books back in his time, and in today’s society. So in conclusion, satire and humor plays a big role in today’s society, and played a huge role back in Mark Twain’s life because he was a very important satirist for his time.

Blog 16: “Song of Myself”

My first reaction to “Song of Myself” by Walt Whitman was the state of being really, really confused. My reasoning for that statement is that the poem in general is a very difficult to read, and understand in general. In my opinion Whitman would had to be a very philosophical, religious, and curious person to write this poem. The thing that I enjoyed about the poem is that he wrote, and revised this poem throughout his whole lifetime, which I find very interesting. Also another thing I found interesting was that Whitman really questions everything throughout the poem, and he also did this just through his daily life. Some of the things that I did not like about the poem was that sometime he did not specify what he was talk about at some of the points in the poem. To me it was also difficult to analyze the poem as a whole. Some  elements of transcendentalism were used throughout the poem. Including the concept of how man is naturally good, and also the oversoul concept. Whitman in the poem represents a representation of himself, in my opinion that would be the hardest thing to do, but it seems to be a challenging thing to do. If I were to do what Whitman does to understand himself, I think i would write about what I am thinking about on a daily basis no matter what it is.

Blog 18: Vertigo

The film “Vertigo” by Alfred Hitchcock is a very intriguing, and mind numbing experience. Alfred Hitchcock uses elements of plot, and setting to set the mood and tone throughout the film. In my opinion “Vertigo” was one of the best movies I have ever seen in my lifetime. The way the movie used almost everything in the whole environment, and used it in the movie in some way, shape, or form. And to me that is incredible how Hitchcock uses that in this film. First off, the movie is set in a the great city of San Francisco, California. That is a great setting because it sets the scene for how Scotty is afraid of heights, and how he overcomes his fear of heights. Second, the way the characters develop over the movie is pretty cool also. Scotty for example is told just to follow Gavin’s wife around just to see what she is up to. But in the end Scotty becomes attracted to Gavin’s wife Madeline, and falls madly in love with her. Also Madeline, her whole part in the movie just messes with my mind in general. At first, she is just acting weird and pretending to be a dead mistress named Carlotta. But in the end she is killed in cold blood, and she is being played as a woman named Judy throughout the whole movie. In conclusion, the film “Vertigo” by Alfred Hitchcock is a great mind numbing experience, and in my opinion is probably the greatest movie I have seen in my lifetime.