Blog 13: Logos, Pathos, Ethos

The most interesting thing I found out about my topic was that, according to, the Electoral College redistributes votes after every ten years. I think this is interesting because, why would they redistribute votes after they already have this system down in place? I did not know this was a thing before hand, but when I saw it befuddled me. This should be interesting to other people because people always worry about how our government runs, and this a crucial part in how our political system works in the United States of America. In my opinion this topic is a emotionally charged topic. It is because many opinions on this topic, and it can fire up people’s emotions real quick if someone says the wrong thing. This topic is important because the Electoral College decides who our president of the future. One way people argue in favor of the Electoral College is that they say that it is perfect for the two party system. And for people that argue against the Electoral College say that it is basically saying that the popular vote is irrelevant, and discourages people to exercise their right to vote for the next president of the United States. But, again emotional appeal is the most commonly used and important appeal on this topic. So overall, this is a very heated topic and it plays a huge part in how we run our government in the United States of America.

Blog 10: Virtues Project

Over the course of the week and weekend I have been tracking what I have been doing. And the results for the virtues that I have, and have not broken are to me a little bit surprising. Just to refresh the 15 virtues were: industry, order, resolution, patience, sincerity, justice, tolerance, diversity, humility, cleanliness, moderation, silence, tranquility, frugality, temperance, and lastly chastity. Some of the obvious virtues I broke was temperance and patience. I broke the temperance by eating too much one night because the food was so good. Also I broke patience by not being patient when I was waiting for the washing machine to go off in our house, and got angry over it. A virtue I did not break surprisingly was order. I am not the type of person to usually keep my things in order. But, this week I kept my things order, thoughts and actions combine and I genuinely surprised myself with this one. Another virtue that I broke was cleanliness. As disgusting as it may seem I did break it, and I am kinda ashamed of it. I did not shower for two days straight, and that now I feel even more ashamed for stating it to everybody. Also one virtue I did not break was obviously the chastity virtue. I felt like that would be a easy virtue not to break. Not trying to say anything, but that was my train of thought going through the week. So this of experimenting was a fun and challenging experience for many reasons, but that is besides the fact. Franklin’s virtues were surprisingly applicable to our society today, and many people break and follow them. But they important if you like it or not.

Blog 12: Debate Topic

My initial impression to my debate topic was actually kinda excited, because me and my parents seem to talk about politics a little bit, and I am interested into this kind of area outside of a school environment. First of all my topic was the Electoral College. After a couple days of research, me personally I am on the con side of things. Because the electoral college is basically saying that the popular vote does not matter, and I do not feel that is right for this quote on quote “free” country as a whole. Also the Electoral College could discourage the people of our great nation to not vote, and make the popular vote not even a thing anymore.

Blog 11: For the sake of argument . . .

Argument is a surprisingly big part of our society for no reason at all. But, some people do not understand why it is a big part so I will break this topic down for you. Some people argue for various thing like defending someone, to try to attack on someone’s feelings or opinion. Also some handful of people do it as a sort of sport. But still some people do not get it. The people argue in our society is a very very simple concept to understand. One person out of the blue could say something completely random, and I mean completely random, and another person can be personally offended to the extreme and a argument can spark just like that. The argument could go on for hours on end and will not be resolved. Want to know why? Be cause people do not argue the proper way. I know it sounds weird by saying that there is a proper way to argue, and there is. But instead of arguing properly, people just called each names stupid and idiotic. That is no way to resolve a argument in any way, shape, or form. Arguments are around you anywhere you go, just like at school. A teacher could state a point that you think is wrong, and you just simply try to correct them on what they said. But that certain teacher thinks that the point they made is correct, so a argument is formed between the student and teacher. Another example within schools. You could be sitting with your classmates at lunch, and you could say maybe something about your favorite sports team. But the person across the table from you says that they hate your favorite sports team with a burning passion. just within that moment a argument has started, it is just that simple. Hopefully, I have helped you figure out how argue works in our society in this day and age.

Blog 15: Transcendentalism Start

Transcendentalism is a different concept, and it seems to be a weird one. It’s a little bit hard to understand. Some of Emerson’s writings like “Nature” and “Self Reliance” have deeper meanings behind them, than what just lies on the surface. But, the argument for this transcendentalism stuff is; is man naturally good? Or is man naturally evil? To some people, this argument is very controversial. Because like in transcendentalism one of their principles is basically question everything, and they do question everything. In my opinion, I think man is naturally evil. My reasoning for that statement is that people are only good because of the rules in our society, and people scared of facing the repercussions of breaking the rules. For example, if someone left their keys in their car, and the car was unlocked. Would you take the car? Probably not because you are afraid of breaking the rules that society has put in place. Because if you do take that car, you would face the repercussions. Like jail time or maybe even worse. But deep inside of your body and mind, you want to take that car, and do whatever you want with it. There are many other scenarios I could give you to say that man is naturally evil but I do not have the time for that nonsense. So in my opinion transcendentalism is a different and weird concept to understand. Also that man is naturally evil instead of naturally good, because people are afraid of repercussions and bad things that will happen to them if they do not follow the rules in our society today.

Blog 14: End of Argument


Argument is a part in our society that is surprisingly important, and I kind-of understand why now. The reason it is simply important is that, people just want to argue for no reason but to just interact with other people. For example, two people who do not know each other. They will be sitting there and one of them will state there opinion on something they feel strongly about. Then the other person next to them thinks that there opinion is outrageous, so they have a argument about it. To be honest, I do not know how people can argue as much as they can, and still live a happy normal life. If you just live to get a rise out of people, and one way is to argue, I do not know how you can function in a social environment like our society today. But argument is welcomed into our society like it is nothing. Lets just take a look at our politics in our nation. Our politicians argue constantly about how they think that they are constantly right, and that there policies are the best for the nation. To some people in our great nation, that is just entertaining to them. Also look at how your parents argue over stupid little things. Like how your dad did not take out the trash, and your mom comes home and starts an argument with him just for not taking out the trash. Like that is ridiculous I do not understand it. I am also guilty for starting dumb arguments as well though. Argument is weirdly a useful literary tool in our society today, and that is very very surprising to me. To people that just want to interact, politicians that want to be the top dog, and for your parents arguing over something stupid. Keep arguing, because it seems to be the best way to learn and obtain information in our great world today.