What Are You Reading


The book I decided to read this quarter is “American Sniper” by Chris Kyle. I choose this book because, I think biographys are interesting. Also the fact that Chris Kyle was, and still is the deadliest sniper in our military’s history among all branches. The book so far is pretty good, there are some things that I didn’t know about Chris Kyle before that I know now. Like in his childhood, he was a rodeo champ and he was for a while. But, during one of his competitions, he was bucked of his horse and injured pretty badly. The part of the story that I am at right now is pretty brutal. He is at navy seal training, also known as BUD/S ( Basic Underwater Demolition/SEALS). It is a brutal test of mental and physical toughness. My predictions for the story are pretty accurate. The story is going to describe his time in the military, and the tough decisions that he had to make along the way. I cant wait to finish this book and see how this story ends. It is very interesting in my mind and I know the story will live up to its potential.