First Week of School

SpangebewbMy first week of school was fairly decent to say the least. First of all, it is always a plus when you teachers are friendly, and with the teachers I have this year, they all seem pretty friendly. My schedule is a positive thing, unlike last year, I got all the classes I wanted. The only thing that seemed bad about the week is football practice after school. Immediately after we got right out of school, we had to be either at the field house or the weight room. So if you forgot something in the school you were done. After that we would practice until 6:30, and for me personally waking up the next morning wasn’t the greatest thing ever. One thing that really surprised me was how relaxed the teachers are this year than last year. They tell you how it is, and if you do not agree with them so be it. Also the teachers didn’t cram our heads, or book bags with information in the first week. Which is a blessing coming from a student’s stand point. Overall, my first week of school was a good one. With the teachers being friendly, and with them not cramming information in on the first week. And the only downside being that when you pay a sport of any kind during the school year, especially during the first week. It is going to be hard every morning waking up whether it’s you are sore from practice, or you didn’t get enough sleep the night before.

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