Blog #10 Arguments!

Argument is necessary in life. Without it, no one would ever listen to you. Its used for all sorts of things, but mostly to get what you want from a new phone to the presidency of the United States. It can also be used to sway people a certain way or convince someone of something. Argument is used for all sorts of things that are valuable to life, because people won’t always agree. Its just part of life.

Well, when I argue, it is just a lot of raised voices and maybe some yelling. However, that’s at someone, not for a subject or against one. As for making and presenting a real argument, I prefer to have a little more time to prepare a good argument. If you really want to win an argument, you have to cover all points, good and bad, and be able to defend those bad points. So when it comes to preparing a speech or argument, I prefer more time and others think the same way. Now others in the class, I think, prepare them way better than I do. I’m not much of a public speaker so anybody does it better than me. Some people came up with some good arguments within just 15 minutes. I was very surprised. A lot of them were good, and some of them not so much, including me. However, still very surprised with the results. Sometimes, students I know could put out better arguments than adults. It may depend on the subject or how much material each person has, but they could have a better argument than a adult. Although, I think adults have more experience in arguments, but could just have a childish yelling match. It, again, all depends on the person, subject, and time to prepare. Now if we got into presidential candidates, this is a completely different story. They plan out subjects for their debates, and plan answers to possible questions asked. Later, however, these debates end up turning into a yelling match anyway. I just find debates to be bad and I don’t watch them. I hate politics. Anyway, I’m getting off track. Arguments are a thing in life and you really can’t avoid them, big or small. Just make sure you have good points going into them.

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